Over the past few years, cybercrimes have become more uncontrollable than ever before. Companies have fallen victim to data breaches and unauthorized access to their sites caused by these criminals. It has become imperative that business owners install foolproof cybersecurity tools and have answers to protect themselves. Deepak Gupta is a cybersecurity expert who believes the widespread use of software and remote access tools has made companies vulnerable to hackers and cybercriminals.

Every business and eCommerce store must ensure they have powerful cybersecurity systems installed to prevent all unauthorized access to their sites. Recent reports have shown that 65% of online stores and internet users are very concerned with the increase in data breaches. It is strongly advised that all business owners improve their site’s security using Consumer Identity and Access Management (CIAM) solutions.


Gupta has spent the past few years tirelessly working to find an effective answer to prevent the rise of cybercrimes. He launched LoginRadius, a cybersecurity company that specializes in protecting customers’ data, to make the login and registration process easier and more secure.

As an entrepreneur, app developer, keynote speaker, and cybersecurity architect, his goal is to make the internet world a safer place without worrying about data breaches and invasion of privacy.

With over 15 years of experience in IT, and authoring several books, he has a wide range of experience in different roles. He spent years writing code and programming but quickly realized that was not enough to protect businesses from data breaches. That is when he created LoginRadius and became totally focused on developing software tools to make his client’s lives easier.

Can CIAM Really Protect Businesses From Data Breaches?

In an interview, Gupta said that every time he sees something in the news about personal data loss or data breaches, he becomes even more determined to protect people and businesses from this vulnerable state. With CIAM tools, they can protect themselves from unwanted stress and anxiety. Gupta explained that LoginRadius offers cutting-edge technology, saving businesses time and money, as well as a smooth customer service experience for users from their first interaction with a website, which helps to drive conversion.

He has left no stone unturned in his quest to provide people with what they are looking for from LoginRadius, from localization, experience, and by offering customers a place to obtain client services through a simple sign-on while keeping all data private and safe. CIAM prides itself on a very effective cloud infrastructure that comes with multiple layers of online security to make client’s data safe and secure.

The Future

Deepak Gupta is very pleased with the responses he has received from LoginRadius’s customers. Since starting LoginRadius from scratch, the company now serves more than one billion users around the world.

He surmises that one of the biggest reasons why customers will not purchase or transact from certain websites is because of security concerns. Once a business faces data breaches, it will take years to regain the confidence of customers.

Websites must understand how critical the role of cybersecurity plays in generating ROI and increasing a business’ credibility and altruism. CIAM comes to the rescue as a critical tool that not only provides data security but also handles data privacy for the customers. Gupta believes that by having a strong authentication layer on top of the digital identity, the company can lower the risk of any unauthorized access into their site and data. It acts like a safeguard protecting businesses from data breaches and other security issues.