Companies today must have an excellent online lead generation strategy to maximize prosperity – this is a critical factor in digital promotion that helps any business make sales and increase revenue.  To generate a steady stream of qualified leads, companies can implement a variety of marketing strategies, with varying degrees of success.  The very best lead generation system works like an automated machine, keeping sales pipelines overflowing with prospects so businesses can focus efforts on converting opportunities into loyal customers.  Josh Pocock, Founder and CEO at Executive Stride, has been working to revolutionize and systemize the techniques of lead generation for businesses; his objectives have been to build the best, most reliable LinkedIn lead generation company that helps businesses crush their goals.  And also to build the best online coaching program available, to help Entrepreneurs thrive, in any situation or environment.

Josh has worked in sales and marketing since starting his career and has always had the entrepreneurial mindset.  When he began his full-service marketing agency a few years back, he was a generalist, cold calling and cold emailing any niche, selling any service from Facebook ads to website optimization and design.  Soon Josh recognized that he was juggling too many different clients in different industries and he had no proven system to convert clients on demand.  He tried hiring some lead generation agencies to help him get new clients, but the ROI was nonexistent.  Finally, Josh stumbled upon LinkedIn; he began studying every aspect of the program, and eventually developed an in-house, fully automated lead generation machine leveraging LinkedIn.  The service worked so well that Josh started offering it to clients, and soon, LinkedIn Lead Generation became Executive Stride’s primary offer.  Josh was able to scale his business and help his clients scale using LinkedIn Lead Generation and his completely NEW way of prospecting.  And after witnessing countless business successes and transformations, Josh turned his system into a mentorship program, to ensure clients always get the long-term results and support they need, while maintaining their business sovereignty. 

About Josh Pocock:

Josh Pocock is a 22-year-old entrepreneur in Toronto Canada. He grew up playing triple A hockey, because his single mom wanted to instill in him the desire to be the best, and the knowledge that working hard could take him there. One thing Josh always knew was that he would never work for anyone else. He started his entrepreneurial journey in 2014, as a door-to-door sales rep, and within a year he had built a large team of ace sales agents. He soon became the company’s top sales manager, and through his journey, Josh learned a lot about sales, marketing, and management – the road wasn’t always easy, but Josh was known for his perseverance, and worked diligently to overcome all challenges.  Like many contemporary entrepreneurs, Josh quickly became immersed in the world of online marketing, devouring over 150 thousand dollars worth of online courses and mentorship programs to learn everything possible about growing successful online businesses.  And now that Josh has developed a proven system for building profitable businesses online, he’s also gained a passion for helping other people level-up and escape the 9-5 rat-race by generating sustainable income from the comfort of their laptops.

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