Managing the Largest Influencer Network while simultaneously leading multiple tech companies, Shailen Vandeyar is a 25 year old tech genius that is eyed by many as the next big thing in the global marketing industry.

The past decade hasn’t been kind to the Australasian region’s marketing landscape. However, that is seemingly set to change all due to the efforts of one man. Shailen Vandeyar has reportedly brought about the biggest shift in dynamics in the local industry, as the 25 year old tech entrepreneur is expected to take the Australasian market to new heights.

Based out of Auckland, New Zealand, the young entrepreneur has been gaining widespread attention for his dedication and consistency as he paves the way for several incoming changes to the local marketing and media industries. According to many, Shailen Vandeyar is led by the ultimate passion for creating more and more opportunities for people who truly need them. The 25 year old has also done this previously by leading multiple ventures such as Gadgets You Need, Daily Dose Media, Trip2Book and VG Media.

Other than being one of the torchbearers of the Australasian market’s media revolution, Shailen also has another credit to his name. The New Zealand-based tech genius is known for handling the largest influencer network in the local market as well, which includes Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and more notably TikTok. Managing the media account @laugh on TikTok, Shailen is one of the first marketers of the region to make the most of the rapidly growing digital platform. The account currently has a massive following of 1.2 million people along with a total of 52.6 million likes.

Each market across the world has seen an influx of influencers that are religiously liked and followed by their fans, and the Australasian market is no different. Some notable mentions of local influencers include Neil Henry (@theneilhenry), Michael Fallon (@michael_fallon_), Marty and Michael (@martyandmichael) and Jimi Jackson (@jimisworld). All of these notable content creators have been known to work with Shailen Vandeyar, as the 25 year old tech entrepreneur has helped them with technical challenges such as branding and monetization.

So long as Shailen Vandeyar continues to strengthen the backbone of the local media and marketing industry, the Australasian market is expected to reach new heights globally. The

25 year old’s selfless vision and undying passion are certain to make him a memorable name for years to come.