Timeless, sophisticated, chic and comfortable are just some of the words fashion experts would use to describe the creations of global fashion up and comer Tigerlily Hill. Tigerlily’s international success as a fashion guru is undeniable. After all, she has been named by Essence Magazine as one of the world’s next top designers. She has copped the runner up place in VH1’s wildly popular Glam God and Caribbean Fashion Week’s 2012 Emerging Designer of the Year Award. She also holds the Cayman National Cultural Foundations’ 2016 Star for Creativity in the Arts Gold award.

But what exactly is behind all this fame and success. Let’s take a peek behind the scenes to see why she is as successful and famous as she is.

A Distinct Global Personality Honed by Life Experiences

Hill is a true international designer and stylist.  Her pieces appeal to audiences of all cultural and geographical backgrounds. Whether they are Caribbean, European or Asian people fall in love with her creations.  One of the reasons she is able to create these universally appealing looks is the rich personal experiences she has had. Hill’s family migrated frequently and so she has experienced life in many different locations. Her Caribbean flavor comes from the fact that her mom is of Jamaican descent and she was raised, for the most part in the Cayman Islands. Her later experiences in America and in Europe have also helped to shape her sense of fashion.

A Solid Education

Hill’s education has no doubt played a crucial role in her success. In her early years, she attended school in Cayman, graduating from high school there. She later attended the University of Iowa, a move that was largely dictated by the fact that her family was living in that State at the time.  Hill also studied apparel manufacturing in London. This combination of business training and clothing production education put Hill in the perfect position to establish and manage a successful fashion business. And that is exactly what she has done.

Passion, Drive and Wisdom

Hill always has a discerning finger on the industry’s pulse. She is always able to predict where the next fashion trend will come from and what it will look like. This special instinct is why Hill’s creations always turn out to be international fashion hits.

Added to the recipe for success is Hill’s shrewdness when it comes to modern entrepreneurship. Hill capitalizes on the digital trends that are currently driving commerce in the modern world. These include a strong digital presence and the use of ecommerce platforms.  Hill keeps her millions of fans around the globe engaged and up to date with her work, through her website as well as her social media pages. She has accounts on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram and on all three platforms her fans have been going wild over her work. Millions of viewers check out her posts and browse through the gorgeous ensembles she displays.

Hill is one of today’s designers who are set to lead the charge in charting a new and brighter future for the industry.