Employees are more productive when working remotely but distractions can be anything from roommates to Internet access at home, says Georges Chahwan. For example, the most common distractions include having an active social life with roommates or significant others. Another example can be making food in the middle of working hours. There are many distractions that employees must overcome when working from home.

One way to create a distraction-free work environment is to have an office separate from sleeping quarters, avoiding any unnecessary socialization with friends or family members during work times and ensuring there are no disturbances when phones ring at night or pets bark through the day.

Having a daily routine can help employers remove distractions while working from home, adds Georges Chahwan. This means they should do the same thing every day to get into work mode for instance start with breakfast then shower then begin work. Removing distractions is not always possible but there are many ways employees can reduce them such as removing temptation by blocking websites and setting up your space to be conducive to work. Employees should do all they can to ensure that these distractions don’t disrupt the workflow and set up strict boundaries for themselves.