Since the announcement that the COVID-19 outbreak is now a pandemic all over the world, many countries have gone into lockdown to encourage the practice of self-quarantine and social distancing.

This is one of the most important steps that we as individuals can take (apart from the constant sanitizing and washing of hands) to make sure that the virus does not spread and to flatten the curve.

While staying at home seems to be the motto for people all over the world, we cannot deny the fact that staying at home has its own repercussions, especially when we are so used to going about our daily routine without thinking twice and stepping out of our homes.

Activities such as stepping out for dinner with your buddies and just visiting the supermarket are not as simple as before.

A lot of us are facing a lot of anxiety that comes along with being locked up in our homes.

In this article, the folks at Brisbane Removalists have compiled certain tips and tricks to cope with one’s anxiety during the lockdown. Some of these tips include –

Building a lockdown routine for yourself

Just because you are in lockdown, doesn’t mean that you can spend all day in bed and in your pajamas. It is important to have some sort of routine to feel sane and not let the days pass by without feeling any sort of productivity. Try not to deviate too much from your regular routine. Wake up when you regularly do, exercise, work at home during the same time as you would in the office, and eat healthily. Make sure you are not just ordering in, but cooking nutritious meals for yourself during this time as well.

See this s a time for you to work on your hobbies and passions

Changing our perspective is everything. If you treat the lockdown as a punishment, then the anxiety is bound to increase. If you shift your perspective a bit and view it as a much-needed break for you to cultivate your passions and hobbies, you can really nurture yourself and also develop a new skill! Keeping busy and occupied will really help with coping with anxiety.

Don’t consume too much of social media

The internet is flooded with information related to the coronavirus pandemic and since there are so many different sources, it becomes extremely difficult to figure out which one is the most reliable one. To help with this, it is best to limit your social media consumption so that all the negativity of the news doesn’t get to you. Surround yourself with positivity! If you do want to check out what the state of the world is, make sure that you are referring to only super credible sources that will give you the truth without sensationalizing the issue.

Stay organized, stay calm

One of the best ways to reduce your anxiety and to keep yourself busy is to do a thorough deep cleaning of your room and your living space. When you see your room being untidy and dirty with clothes strewn about everywhere, it becomes difficult to become your most productive self. It also creates more chaos in your brain. Once you are done cleaning up, you will realize that you will be feeling a lot better and charged. If it helps, keep fixed days for cleaning up. Play some music and have fun while you’re at it!

Stay connected with your friends and family

It is very easy to feel alone and isolated during this time, but thanks to technology, all our loved ones are just one touch of a button away. With the rise of apps such as zoom, you can have uninterrupted video calls with your family when you are feeling sad and homesick. Make a date out of eating dinner in your own homes with your friends – this is a time to get creative! The possibilities are endless.

Talk to a mental health professional if the anxiety is becoming too much to handle

If you are feeling like none of these tips are working and your anxiety is not getting any better, feel free to reach out to a mental health professional. A lot of them are working to provide their services over the phone. A quick google search will help you find mental health professionals, so don’t hesitate to call them one bit!

Anxiety can be difficult and tricky to deal with, but the need of the hour is to stay in self-isolation and practice social distancing.

With that being said, there are ways you can take care of yourself physically and also mentally because that is equally important.


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