Traveling represents a wonderful and unique experience in life: it offers you the magnificent opportunity to get out of everyday life, relax somewhere in paradise and meet new cultures firsthand.

But what happens if you are one of those who, on hearing the word “travel”, get on their nerves? Surely, you are only thinking about the negative of the experience: security checks, documentation…

1 Use your mobile phone technologies

Today we have thousands of possibilities to manage our time through mobile applications. Reduce your stress with your help! There are applications that let you know the time you have to leave home, the time you have to document your luggage and even the time you must be in the waiting room to board your flight.

Surely this is going to be an excellent tool for you, because it will help you not to be late anywhere. 

2 Dress light

When you travel, you have enough opportunities to get one or another conquest and for that you must look beautiful. The key, then, lies in looking for a way to look spectacular without neglecting comfort.

The reason? You will get stressed, for example, when you have to take off all your jewelry and accessories at the security controls and see the line of people waiting for you.

In addition, it is necessary that you carry your hand luggage, as it is, do not want to take you to the parakeet inside it, because it will be heavy to be carrying all that from one side to another.

And let’s not even talk about wearing heels instead of comfortable shoes!

3 Avoid long lines

The truth is that it is quite annoying to arrive supercharged with luggage and have to train to be able to document.

If this stresses you, avoid it at all costs. I know of those who arrive early and try to check in via web.

4 Rent a car for a stress-free trip

If you don’t like traveling by bus or plane, you can rent a car in Rhodes. It has many advantages, since you will avoid crowds, long waiting times, delays, risks of losing your luggage, and the most exciting thing is that you will be able to enjoy beautiful landscapes along the way, you will have the opportunity to make small stops and get to know villages and places you had not had a chance to visit.

5 Eat smart

Try to avoid eating foods that harm your health and put your peace of mind at risk. With this simple measure you will get away from stomach aches, vomiting or diarrhea. You will also avoid long lines in public toilets!

6 Why not explore the world of meditation?

We do not ask you to do yoga in the airport or bus terminal, you can simply try a minimeditation.

Before leaving your home, meditate a little and try to memorize a sentence of three to five words, which you will have to repeat when you start stressing for any reason.

7 Have fun

Make your trip fun, focus on the positive side of everything, even negative situations. If you travel with someone else, tell jokes, talk about fun things or laugh at stressful situations.

So, ready to enjoy the best trip of your life?