Vacation is something that everyone eagerly looks forward to. It’s the reward you get for working long hours, or studying extremely hard for exams. So, it is vital that you use your vacation time to reinstall everything that you might have lost along the way, such as freedom, happiness or even some quality alone time. Make sure your summer gives you everything that is required to go back to your usual life and ace everything! 

These are some ideas that could make your vacation the most perfect one you’ve had yet. 

Visit Historical Places and Ancient Monuments: 

Vacations aren’t solely about having a good time. You could utilise that period to become a more cultured and sophisticated person by visiting historical places and ancient monuments. Not only will you be more educated at the end of the trip, but standing next to something that has stood strong for centuries will also shape your outlook on life, and inspire you to be greater. Stay at a hotel such as Water Garden Sigiriya, so that you could cover the entire cultural triangle of Sri Lanka, which includes the ancient cities of Anuradhapura, Polonnaruwa, as well as the famous Lion Rock. 

Try New Cuisines: 

Expand your horizons during your vacation, because there is no easier way to travel than to do it through the culinary journey that new cuisines will take you on. Make a list of the different gastronomies that you have yet to experience and indulge yourself in the pleasure of dining, as you cross off each item. Even if it is something like Italian food that everyone is comfortable with, instead of opting for the usual pizza, head to a luxury authentic restaurant such as AQUA Forte to eat like the Italians really do. 

Find Your Balance: 

If you suffer from burnout or exhaustion from your ordinary life, the loss of balance could be a main reason for it. So, this vacation, spend some quality time finding your way back to yourself by incorporating a balanced lifestyle. Even though, it seems like a lot of work, you should take baby steps. One of the most effective of ways of doing so is by following surf and yoga lessons, both of which are revolved around physical and mental balance. Staying at surf retreats such as Solas Surf would give you the opportunity to try out both these activities and enjoy a relaxed summer. 

Embark on a Sea Adventure: 

Your summer vacation is the perfect time to cure your vitamin-sea deficiency. Beach vacations are popular because they work, every single time. Fly to Maldives and stay at a hotel such as Holiday Inn Resort Kandooma to make all your Thalassophile dreams come true. Maldives is known for its clear blue seas, powdery white sand, and as being a popular destination that caters to a plethora of water sports such as surfing, diving, and jet skiing. Before you travel abroad, make sure you are fully insured from an insurance company such as Fairfirst to avoid everything from flight cancellations to accidents. 

Invest in an Unforgettable Vacation: 

Vacations don’t come around that often, so why not splurge and indulge in the best things that life has to offer? It will be an investment rather than a cost because you will never forget an experience that is quite unlike any other. Hotels such as Cape Weligama have helicopter rides that will take you above the beautiful sights of Sri lanka, and will also give you the aerial photos that everyone will obsess over, on Instagram.