Changing the world is challenging if you’re not clear on what success looks like or how to measure it. Ideas that have the power to change the status quo both start and progress with research – it’s one of the most powerful tools you have to create change. The pursuit of conceptualizing great research requires self-care as everything starts with you. 

Meet Kirsten Lee Hill, a researcher with a Ph.D. in Education Policy from the University of Pennsylvania who has raised millions of dollars through grants for research and innovative ideas, launched thousands of survey items around the country, and coached over 150 innovators on measurement and evaluation. She currently serves as co-Director of a national study funded by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. Kirsten is the partner you need to turn  your ideas into reality. 

I had the opportunity to talk to Kirsten via zoom and ask her about her journey to better society.

“It’s important to me that research is accessible. I actually went into research because I hated it and saw data being used as a tool for destruction – shutting out important voices. I like to say, “I’m not a regular researcher, I’m a cool researcher.” I see research as something that can be fun, accessible, and human-centered. My approach allows changemakers to define success on their own terms,” shares Kirsten.

She managed to complete her studies and build a successful business  despite being diagnosed with panic disorder and migraine in college. She attributes her resilience to her passion for her work and commitment to self-care. “It wasn’t all green juices and yoga. I did self-care differently — I learned that I could tune into what my body, heart, and soul needed and just do that. More importantly, I learned that even just 5 minutes of self-care counts and can make a world of difference. Like research, self-care doesn’t have to be big, elaborate, expensive, or super time-consuming.”

Kirsten understands the struggle to thrive in business while at the same time looking out for your own physical and mental well-being. With her experiences and core values, she makes sure that she shares hope and encouragement with everyone who has a clear vision of the things they want to achieve and guides them to their own breakthroughs. 

“I believe research can be a tool for good in the world, and that it’s a resource everyone should have access to. I believe to sustain positive changes in the world, we first and foremost need to care for ourselves.” Kirsten added.
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