I had worked for a couple of start-ups where there was a miscommunication from some of my colleagues. We should not get emotionally triggered, instead, think calmly and face the situation. Once the emotional distress settles down, it is better to communicate clearly and effectively, this helps in resolving the conflicting situation. This also helps you put your point across or help them understand your perspective in turn understanding theirs. A mutual connection helps in clear and effective communication.

When a higher hierarchy positioned individual acts out of his or her ego. There is no room for explanation, as they will not understand what we are trying to communicate, it is just that they demand respect and are not aligned with the emotions of employees sometimes. All they want is politics to flow and the work is hindered. These situations are difficult for an employee as he or she will have to face their battles without anyone’s support. This makes them weak as they are at the entry-level and would have come to learn and explore different tasks to expand their knowledge. Communication becomes difficult, as the other person wants them to abide by them irrespective of the situation. Such toxic individuals along with toxic work culture are a threat to an organization. They not only impede the confidence of the employees but also make the company vulnerable without proper human resources.

The need for effective communication while working from home also plays a pivotal role. This keeps the task flow smoothly ensuring the emotional quotient of the employee is at the highest. This paves for further fruitful discussions for work productivity. This also strengthens the bond between colleagues, further leading to the progress of the team contributing to the success of an organization.