We are living in times of uncertainty, Covid-19 pandemic is not only affecting our physical well-being but it’s taken a toll on our mental health. WE are social animals, we have an inbuilt need to communicate, meet up with friends to celebrate, to share sorrow, to work and, that is why we have survived for so long. Although important, self isolation is just against our nature, that’s why it’s significant to keep a check on your mental health during these stressful economic and physical times. While it may seem like there’s nothing you can do, there are steps you can take to relieve the stress.

It is during our darkest moments that we must focus to see the light – Aristotle

Self asses : if you feel there has been a change in your behavior, like feeling withdrawn, restless, anxious, angry, irritated, confused; or any change in physical form like getting headaches, rapid breathing, fatigue, insomnia. Then, instead of losing self confidence, you need to acknowledge that you have to take an action to regain control. Acceptance is a process that takes time and patience but, denying that the problem exists, may prolong your suffering and your ability to take action.

We cannot change the situation, so it’s wise to change yourself  by changing your expectations and attitude towards the pandemic and being in charge of your mental health. 

Manage your emotions : Take a diary and start jotting down your thoughts and feelings. Don’t bottle up your emotions or act out, it’s best to write them down so that it makes you feel light. Of Course, it’s always better to talk to your loved ones about how you are feeling but if that is not possible, your diary is your best friend. Be candid and let out everything without judgement. This activity will provide you a release of your emotions and you will feel better. 

Exercise is the magic word Exercise releases endorphins and that makes you happy, even a small activity can be a stress-reliever. You need to get yourself up and moving. Put on some songs and dance around, try out the zumba video on youtube. Having a 30 min walk indoors, doing yoga, tai-chi, pilates, boxing, anything that will keep you on your toes will be your biggest accomplishment of being in control. 

Explore your hobbies, ME-time : Take some time out for yourself, where you relax and do something that you love, maybe reading a book? Try your hand at painting, cooking, singing, watching some movies. It’s a good time to pursue any hobbies you didn’t have time for before. Relax and enjoy doing what you want. Pamper yourself because you deserve it! 

Practice Mindfulness: Mindfulness is like meditation but simpler, it’s about purposefully focusing your emotions, feelings and thoughts on the current moment, and accepting it without any judgment. Some research has shown that it helps strengthen and protect your mind. It has healing effects like reducing pain, depression, anxiety, insomnia, fatigue and can improve sleep quality, restoring emotional balance. There are many applications and youtube guides to help you get started.

Be true to yourself:  Do not live by someone else’s rules and standards. Follow your own principles and be comfortable in your own skin. Accept that every human being is flawed and perfection is a myth, Don’t care about what others say or want, instead be honest to yourself and get to know what you want. Take it easy, learn to say NO! Instead of trying to please others, please yourself, believe in your core values and stop chasing after people’s approval. Be-You, because no-one can be YOU better than you!

Out of all the things I have lost, I miss my mind the most. – Mark Twain