Digital marketing services progress each year with new tactics and techniques. The advertising world is shifting towards customization and personalization, and BPO service providers are trying their best to adopt modern tactics to satisfy their clients. The new researches keep on coming, and it’s hard to keep up with the pace of upcoming latest technologies each day.

Generally, BPO services have the time and expertise to get insight into customer’s expectations and suitable bold strategies. They are more aware of the up running trends that work the best in a certain environment than businesses.

We have compiled a list of top 3 digital marketing facts, to help design a successful marketing campaign. Have a look.

Video Marketing Is Going to Rule the Digital Marketing World

Cisco states that video marketing is going to out rule all the other online mediums in upcoming years. People will be attracted more to videos than text.

Big brands are already using videos to convey their message to the target audience. Therefore, digital marketers should invest in making attractive, convincing, and unique videos.

Influencer Marketing Is Buzzing Through Instagram

According to research, the influencer marketing industry is worth $1 billion on Instagram. The investment is only going to increase, and there is no reason for businesses to not find the right influencer for themselves.

If you look into Instagram, classic brands are already on Instagram, and many recognized faces, being their influencers enhance their reach to the target audience.

Shorter, Precise Content Is Gaining Most Attention

The average time span of the modern consumer is 8 seconds. If a brand can’t catch his interest in these seconds, he will be gone to the competitors.

Research also states that from a metric point of view, around 106% of potential customers will bounce off the screen, if the loading time is more than 6 seconds.  Therefore, businesses should ask BPO service providers to optimize the website for speed. 

Moreover, they should make sure to create web content that is attention-grabbing, otherwise, the efforts will go to vain. IPS USA being among the well-recognized digital marketing Services firm offers customized solutions for businesses. Here, digital marketing specialists help to increase reach to the target market all in the budget.