How to Safely Work from Home during the COVID-19 Outbreak

The unfortunate Coronavirus outbreak has pushed many people to work remotely. A lot of working people find it daunting to be productive with this stay-at-home approach. 

Coronavirus is a contagious virus that is transmitting rapidly with human to human interaction. Various employers allowed their workers to work remotely. This measure is a big move to prevent the virus germination. 

However, remote workers do not seem to be very comfortable with the new routine. A few tips will help you be more productive while working remotely. This blog addresses some useful tricks to kick-start your new work routine actively. 

Set your timings 

Setting your time is essential to continue work from home. It will not help you maintain your work-life balance, but you can also quickly figure out your most productive hours. 

The best thing about remote work is that it gives you the flexibility to set your own work timings. 

If you’re unsure about your working hours, then you can also use a time tracking app to record your working hours accurately. Also, keep track of your most productive hours to distribute those hours to the most important tasks. 

Work in the Morning 

Since it’s all about Coronavirus, then selecting the morning routine will be effective. It’s not recommended to upset your goodnight sleep. Your immune system has to be strong, and without proper night sleep, you may find yourself at risk. 

Therefore, it is strongly advised to complete your night sleep and schedule a morning work routine to stay safe, healthy, and strong.

Take care of your Food Habits 

Remote working is quite different from office space. When you’re at the office you follow a well-defined schedule that includes your food break too.

However, if you are working from home, you may feel hunger pangs more frequently. Take care of your food intake and eat a healthy breakfast to kick-start a healthy workday at home. 

Avoid eating unnecessarily that may affect your stomach. Keep your hunger in control by eating a healthy breakfast. Moreover, you’re working from the comfort of your home; therefore, it’s your good chance to take care of your health. Drink water more than you usually take at the office to reduce your chances of getting sick. 

Don’t get yourself unfocussed 

Remote working is comfortable; therefore, there are more chances of getting off the point. 

Avoid using your social accounts, and don’t listen to music. It will redirect your mind easily, and you will find it difficult to get back to work. 

When you’re at home, everything is just so comfortable, and indulging yourself in music or something fun will make it hard for you to work professionally. You can resume all your fun activities when your working hours are finished. 

Plan your Work

A planner is very important to work remotely; it helps you set the priorities of the tasks from most to least important. 

You must create a to-do list to work in the most effective order. In case, if you find that your task list is getting lengthy, then you can break your task into sub-tasks. 

Also, don’t forget to assign a time limit to each task. It will help you finish your work on-time plus, you can also easily keep track of what’s been done and what’s not. 

Avoid home phone calls 

To stay focused on your work, you have to pretend as if you’re not at home. Ignore all your home telephone or personal calls just like you do at your workplace. It will keep you focused on your work. 

Keep your home network secure

Many companies allow remote workers to use a specific off-site work VPN. If your organization enables you to access any particular VPN to use, then you may connect with that VPN as well. 

It is strongly recommended to connect to VPN to keep your Internet tunnel private and safe from data breach.

Use a VPN to keep your home network safe from hackers. A VPN will protect your connection and all the confidential files that you’re transmitting via the internet. 

Cut off from your Pets

During your working hours, don’t get too frank with your pet. This will reduce your focus from work, plus it is not good to make close contact with an animal during the Coronavirus outbreak. 

Keep yourself restricted towards work; you can give your schedule details to the family members so they can contact you once you get free from work.

Interact with Co-workers via Video Chat 

Sometimes remote working gets pretty boring; therefore, you can bring up team discussions. Depending on your position and nature of work, you can call up video chat discussions. 

It will mitigate your loneliness, plus interacting with co-workers will make you feel energetic.

Group video chats will also help you to find solutions to the work-related problems that you might face during your home-stay. Even Google Makes Premium Version of Hangouts Meet Free As More People Work Remotely The paid version of Hangouts Meet will be free until July 1

 Arrange Internet devices 

Your internet connection may get slow; therefore, you must have some alternative internet devices. This will never affect your work continuity, plus; you can resume your work without any glitches. 

The Internet connection can be interrupted anytime; it will badly disrupt your work in between. Sometimes, your whole efforts can go straight down the drain. 

An alternate internet device gives the chance to get connected instantly and resume your work immediately. It is the must-have tool if you’re working from home. 


Following all the mentioned tricks will help you stay focused while working remotely. Remote working is becoming a trend these days because of the Coronavirus outbreak. 

It will take a few days to get adjusted to your new work from home routine, but you will remain productive by acting upon these hacks. 

Also, don’t forget other safety measures while working remotely. Wash your hands from time to time, use sanitizer, and avoid close contact with anyone. Also, clean your laptop/desktop/mobile surface with sanitizer that contains 60%-70% alcohol. 

Be ready to follow the mentioned routine and find yourself getting more organized, safe, and productive.