In these hard days most of us facing financial problems due to lockdown, in which business is limited and many people become jobless. No one knows when everything will come to normal and get back to our old routine. The most important factor is financial crises that need a lot of attention. If you are still earning but need to save money then you need to take some steps to cut the expenses somehow.

Few simple things that help to save your income.

Make Budget:

If you haven’t made your home budget yet then it is the right time to track all of your source of income and where you spend. You can use the manual notebook as well as excel sheets to built weekly or monthly reports. Once you get the full report, see what things are unnecessary and can be removed.

Cut Back Subscriptions:

Temporary stop the subscriptions, it can be streaming apps, TVs, internet, Gym, and any other. Most of them can not be utilized by us properly. These little but many subscriptions can lead to saving a lot of money. Actually, we don’t calculate minor things that can cost us heavy

Reduce your Energy Consumption:

Everyone is at home, which means you’re using energy 24/7 nonstop. Keep unnecessary lights and fans off to avoid huge bills especially between 4 pm to 9 pm. Better to use eco-friendly lights and adopt all necessary measures to reduce energy usage.

Buy in Bulk:

Another way to save money is to buy products in bulk, such as groceries and essential items to get the best possible discount. These daily usage items will definitely save you a lot of money.

Digital Coupons:

Many online stores provides discounts on their specific items for a limited time in which you can save a handsome amount. For example, FanJackets is an online apparel store that gives 10% – 15% OFF coupons to its customers and many products are already available at the sale price. In this way, you can get a quality outfit at a reasonable price.

Free Tax Software:

Don’t spend blindly, if your work can be done on free tools or software then don’t buy expensive software until in this uncertain situation. Some software companies have reduced the cost and some providing free access for a limited time. So use them to avoid any extra expense.

Learn New Skills:

Learning a new skill is not hard as earlier you can get many free websites that providing many free courses while lock-down. Don’t miss these great opportunities and upgrade yourself without breaking the bank. It is a great opportunity to learn because in lockdown you have plenty of time. Don’t waste your time on games learn new skills that can help you in the future. This is the must-have learning opportunity that can lead you to the next level by which you can get a more advanced job and absolutely a good salary in the future.


Once again, there are multiple ways to save money during these hard days but it just needs the proper research and your willingness to do anything. Don’t ignore the small steps that can impact more in your budget and give you peace of mind.