i love you

There are no rules in love and war! Luckily we are not waging war now but are only trying to profess our love to someone. But how can we do it? What is the best way to say “I love you” to your significant other?

Actually, there is no correct way of doing it but there is also no incorrect way of doing it. You can be simple or you can go all in by renting an airplane to spell your lover’s name on the sky. Either way, here are some of our ideas on how you can express how much your loved one means to you.

Leave Love Notes

One of the simplest and easiest way to say “I love you” is to write it on a note. You can do so by leaving secret messages all over the apartment. If you wake up early or before your lover you can write a few love notes and leave them lying around the apartment.

Put one on the nightstand or in the kitchen beside their favorite coffee cup. But if you really want to be direct, write it on the mirror in the bathroom. It works best if you just leave the note and go away for work.

Send Secret Flowers

Decoration Send Flowers Bicycle Bicycle Handlebar

Sending a girl some flowers is the ultimate romantic move. It never fails and it always puts a smile on their faces. Actually, giving flowers is really flexible. You can bring home a bouquet or you can give her one as she wakes up.

But if you really want to surprise her, deliver flowers to her workplace. You can deliver¬†flowers by post¬†while she is at work as she will never suspect getting them there. You can even get her colleagues in on it to help you. All for the sake of simply saying ” I love you, babe!”

Date Night

Having a date night from time to time is a great way to keep your relationship stable. Doing the same ol’, same ol’ every day does not boast well whether you are just boyfriend and girlfriend or married. It is great to go out of the house and enjoy a date night.

You can organize one by taking your lover to a fancy restaurant. Make reservations in advance and order her favorite dessert. Or if you want to relive the good old days, take her to a place that means to you both. It will be exciting and you don’t even have to use words to say how much she really means to you.

Pack Their Lunch

Sometimes your significant other needs something really simple to feel loved. One of them is preparing lunch for her. It is no secret that women take significantly longer to prepare than men. It can be particularly stressful in the morning when you are strapped for time.

Help her by packing her lunch for her and just give it to her along with a kiss as she rushes out the door. It is a great way to help her out and do something nice for her. Top it off with a nice note that you can pack along with the lunch package.

Go to the Movies Together

Nothing says I love you like a great night out. And what better way to have one than to do it old school style. Going to the movie theater may be cheesy, pop-corn fun, but it has a certain charm to it. It reminds you of the time when you were teenagers and when you just started your relationship.

Pick a movie that she likes. You don’t have to really go for a romantic one. The main purpose is that the movie is fun for her. Maybe one that she hasn’t seen yet. Don’t forget the popcorn, they are an essential key to success.

Snap Some Pics Together

There’s no greater fun than going outside for a walk. But this time bring a camera and snap a bunch of pictures together. You don’t have to have a professional camera, your mobile phone will do. Also, no matter the weather conditions you can still make some great photos.

Whether it is hot or cold, whether it is snowy or sunny, you can still make great photos of you two together and enjoy the entire day outside. Make a college after you are done and save the pictures for memory.

Organize a Game Night

A game night usually works better when you invite your friends and play games against each other. But sometimes you can do it by yourself. Organize a game night just for the two of you and bring out the competitive side from your significant other.

You don’t have to think of any special games. Sometimes playing cards are enough. But you can also allow your partner to pick or change games every game night. Keep the score and see who is better. At the end of the day, competition is not the most important thing as long as you are having fun.

Spend Your Lunch Hour Together

Couples who have careers are often too busy to spend a lot of time together. They cherish every second being with each other and sometimes it is hard to find openings to do so. One of the ways that you can do that is spending your lunch hour together.

You can surprise your girlfriend the first time by picking her up at work and going for lunch at close by place. Then it can become a regular thing as you organize yourself each time. You can take turns on who gets to pick the next place to have lunch at.

Visit the Great Outdoors

There is no better trip than going outside in nature. Pick a weekend or a day when you are both free and organize a trip together. This does not have to be anything hard. You can go on a hiking trip or on a bike ride. The main thing is that you are both together and that you are having fun.

You can go one step further and making it a picnic as well. Bring her favorite food and treats for a great outside adventure. She will love it and you will both enjoy the time being outside together.

Go Out Dancing

Surprise your partner by taking her out dancing. This is a fun activity where you can both enjoy and have fun dancing the night away. It can be a romantic night out and an exciting adventure as well.

You can take her to a dance class and enroll together. You can learn some new moves and tricks while an expert teaches you. But if you are already a good dancer and have the moves, you can go out to a club. Take her to her favorite place where they pay her favorite music. Enjoy the whole night by dancing and smiling together.