how to say no without hurting someone feelings
how to say no without hurting someone feelings

Say no without hurting someone’s feelings: do you still use the word in a delicate situation? Throughout our lives, there are two difficult situations: saying “Yes” or listening to “Yes.”

It’s all about saying “No” is not easy without purpose, and it’s supposed to reason. Sometimes you just want to hurt none because of your response, but not everyone on this planet is equal.

It’s not easy to say no to people, because doing so mistreated the feelings of the person you said no to.

Some people are addicted to hearing “yes” and it’s incredibly difficult to deal with them. Because our response does make them feel bad.

Every day there are a lot of circumstances like that and the foundation to get out of any situation depends on yes and no.

The dilemma starts with our own private and professional lives. Neither can we say ‘no ‘ to someone

Since we have no wish to hurt them.

Often we say yes to doing something just for someone’s fun. Does this all hold true?

When you aren’t able to fulfill someone’s job and wish, then don’t say yes to it.

You may be worried about how the decision would be made under such cases. Saying no without hurting others is the greatest obstacle facing men.

There is a solution to any problem, so let’s see how to say no without hurting anyone.

how to say no without hurting someone feelings

say no without hurting someone feelings

Think Right

Never make conclusions without thought. If you say no to someone because of your personal issue then that’s okay.

Get in the right place, and what’s good for you. Give choices to others, but never blame yourself.

Be Honest

Honesty is the best strategy because you are honest about your life and you have no issues with others.

I have met a lot of people in my life who said no for some arbitrary cause. If you say no for a valid reason and a confident personality then no one is going to hurt because you are straightforward for them.

In my opinion, you don’t have to worry to injure or injure someone at all.

I know some of us are never going to harm someone, so if you want to say no to something, just do so in order to be as respectful as possible.

Behave right

You have to say it with faith and dignity when you are confident you ‘re saying no.

If the individual is close to you, he’ll understand that you don’t have to do anything, and he’ll let you go, don’t the individual is not close to you, anything isn’t really going to give you a lot of cause.

It’s easy saying no, without hurting anybody. Make sure your body language is powerful and compelling, in line with your vocabulary and speech.

Let me send you some strategies to help you escape this issue.

Ways how to say no without hurting someone feelings

  • Thank you no. I do have a specific task. 
  • I wish I ‘d be able to. 
  • It’s sadly not a decent time. 
  • I ‘d love that but I couldn’t. 
  • Thank you for thinking of me, but I absolutely can not. 
  • That’s not a good idea, to me. 
  • I want to, but I just can’t. 
  • Some issues have come up which require my attention.
  • I very much appreciate that you asked me, but I can’t. 

Understand the reason

How can you say no, without hurting the feelings of somebody? Comprehend, and consider accordingly. Comprise your choices, your priorities and your values.

Firstly , the main emphasis is on your work and critical strategy. Please fill in on time. To grasp the reason and say no.

But if a good friend has urgent trouble and you need to support it, but you can’t, tell them. This is something a friend would appreciate.

If it had changed your condition, wouldn’t you understand? They could be pulled down but they’d have no excuse to get hurt.

Do not apologize

People generally say sorry, because they think somebody’s suffering. We apologize for feeling that we ‘do the wrong thing and feel bad.

Sorry, never say no, never harm yourself, because of your priorities and the other plan of work.

You deny an application, you are not threatening the person who made the request. I hope at least, you ‘re polite and respectful.