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The importance of enhancing your kid’s problem solving and arithmetic skills during this global pandemic COVID-19 cannot be undermined. Though there is a total lock down in some countries around the world, there is a need to get your arithmetic skills sharpened while you are on lock down or isolation. It’s essential to put your kid’s brain into good use. The bitter truth is that the COVID-19 pandemic has left educators and parents feeling disconnected.

The National Summer Learning Association reviews that, over 70 to 75 percent of students may experience learning loss during this pandemic. With this observation, it is imperative to find a way to enhance your child arithmetic skills pending when there is a vaccine for coronavirus. In this blog post, we shall be reviewing some practical ways to sharpen your kid’s arithmetic skills;

Math Puzzles

Math puzzles are excellent resources for getting your child to think arithmetic. One of the best ways to sharpen kid’s arithmetic skills during this pandemic if through free math puzzles. The math puzzles engage your child in more arithmetic activities. The puzzle is a resemblance to school daily activities. You can share fun emoji math puzzles with them. These arithmetic puzzles allow students to find the value of each emoji.

Utilize Internet Resources

Online resources like free math video lessons on YouTube and websites like How to calculate can help improve your kids’ arithmetic skills. It contains calculation guides for children of all ages and solved examples on each calculation. Even a novice can use these to teach their kids.

You can also take advantage of the ever-growing animated math lesson library on YouTube. You get different topics on the basic calculation, solving equations, and more.

Take Them Shopping

Another essential way to improve your child’s arithmetic skills is by teaching them a percentage despite the stay at home advice from medical practitioners to reduce the spread of COVID-19. We still go shopping sometimes, because kids and everyone must eat. You can take advantage of shopping to improve their learning ability.

Shopping is an astounding mathematical activity for everyone. Planning a shopping budget with kids will ignite the calculation genius in them. Allow your child to make a comparison between a running estimated balance and receipt balance after checkout. Discounts sales can also be a great way to teach your kids percentages.

Create Fraction Kits

No doubt, many students, both older and younger kids, fail to gain a deep understanding of decimals and fractions. Creating a fraction kit during this COVID-19 pandemic can be a great strategy to improve their arithmetic skills. Once your kids understand this subject, they can perform better in more complex tasks like understanding fractions and converting a decimal into a fraction.

Engage Them during Cooking

Do you know how effective cooking is to your child’s arithmetic skills? It remains one of the most viable ways to incorporate mathematics into daily life. When you allow your kids to be in charge of adding in the ingredients to your cooking. Here you ask questions like how many scoops do we need to get to four cups? Understanding numbers, and fractions while cooking is very vital, and helps to sharpen your kid’s arithmetic ability.

Regular Counting/Calculation Practice

It is essential to keep your kids counting regularly. For instance, playing games with two or multiple dice is a great way to sharpen their arithmetic skills during COVID-19. Always ask the children how many rolls add up before going to the next game. Snack time can also be an effective way to sharpen your child counting ability by asking them to calculate apple slices, cookies, and more.


In this age of computers and calculators, a pandemic like this one can really put brains to sleep. But there’s no arguing that the old school arithmetic calculations help to keep you and your kids sharp. So Stay home, and do some calculations!