Many people use the holidays to reflect on what is important in life, and people are generally all-around grateful this time of year. Managers know that a good employee is hard to come by. The holidays are a perfect time to show gratitude to valued employees. Still, some struggle with ways in which to show appreciation to their employees on the budget they have. Below is a list of ways in which employees can show their appreciation with a variety of budgets.

Cash Is Still King

Companies that offer significant bonuses to employees will be feeling holiday cheer throughout the office. Employers that don’t have a lot of money to spare during the holiday season can still offer employees a well-thought-out party or gift that employees will appreciate.

Extra Paid Time Off (PTO)

Everyone loves getting paid to take the day off. PTO is a great way businesses can show appreciation to their workers. Companies don’t need a lot of cash upfront for this. Instead, they can gradually pay out PTO throughout the upcoming year.

Offer Perks and Benefits

Employers can get as creative as they want when it comes to rewarding their employees during the holidays. Some non-traditional options may be to offer gym memberships, stipends for professional attire, free educational opportunities, a new break room stocked with goodies, or an appreciation station.

A Well Done Banquet or Party

Each company has a unique culture, so managers should plan the type of banquet or party that will resonate the most with their employees. Employers can organize a black-tie event or a casual party in which employees wear jeans. Parties can be held at the office during the workday or after hours in a banquet hall. Most importantly, supervisors want their employees to know the company put effort into the event as a way to show appreciation. If a supervisor hastily puts together a party to mark it off his list, then employees will not feel valued.

Well-Thought-Out Card and Gift
Companies on a budget can still show workers how much they appreciate them with a well-thought-out gift and personalized card. People always enjoy receiving chocolates, flowers, or individualized gifts. Employers should include a thoughtful message in a card expressing how much they value their employees.