Good quality sleeping is a must for healthy body and mind. Sleeping helps our body to rest and to regenerate. Sleeping also allows our body to recharge. While duration of sleeping is obviously important, good quality sleeping isn’t just about duration but also how we can reach the stage of deep sleep. That’s one important reason why we can wakeup with full of energy. Unfortunately, many of us have sleep issues.

There are many of us who feel so tired in the middle of the night but seems very difficult to sleep. That kind of issues are usually followed with uncomfortable sleep that we wake up several times in the middle of sleeping. Another big issue is waking up in the morning. Staying up because we couldn’t sleep faster make it much difficult to wake up in the morning. We depend on the loud alarm to wake us from sleeping and as we wakeup startled by the alarm sound, rather than waking up feeling calm and relaxed, we feel dizzy and often feel too weak. For the sake of our own wellness, it is time to improve our sleep and Gentle Wakeup could be the right solution we all need.

Gentle Wakeup is a mobile app based on Android platform. This app can turn any Android device into a powerful tool to help improving sleeping and improving waking up. This app can work for those who have trouble to get sleep at night as well as those who have trouble to wake up in the morning. Combining lights and natural sounds, it is highly effective and safe to use.

The sleep timer helps to fall a sleep faster by displaying red colored sunset that will slowly turn into moon with comforting background natural sounds. The light and sound will be your lullaby and will prepare you to sleep. During the 30 minutes duration, the light and sound will slowly fade away. Combination of calming light and soothing sound is not only help you to fall asleep faster but it also helps to reach deep sleep cycle much easier.

How about waking up? Gentle Wakeup app also uses combination of light and sound to help you wake up in the morning much easier. This app can be set to start preparing your body to wake up from sleeping 20 minutes before your desired time to wake up. The app will stimulate the true sunrise through light and at the desired wakeup time, the sounds of twittering bird will start playing with increasing volume over time. Waking up this way will be so relaxing and you will feel fresh and full of energy.

Gentle Wakeup app can be a true solution to significantly improve your sleeping habit. This mobile app is 100 percent free and available on Google Play with 4.4 out of 5 stars rating with over 300,000 downloads. That’s an undeniable proof how this app is very powerful and highly proven to help many people with sleep issue. It is time to stop having miserable nights. Download and use this app and finally, you can have a real good night sleep.