While it is recommended that you sleep on average at least seven or eight hours, the stress and anxiety generated by work or study often prevents us from sleeping peacefully.

Everyone has been going around and around in bed for hours worried and stressed. Lack of sleep can have severe health consequences, so make sure you have a good rest at least seven hours a night.

To forget your worries and that anxiety does not prevent you from sleeping, we present the 

9 keys to falling asleep when you are stressed without having to resort to any medication.

1. Modify or improve your sleep regimen . Set a special time to go to bed and complete it at work. Before doing so, make sure you have planned everything you need for the next morning so you won’t fall asleep thinking about it.

2. Stay away from distractions. Turn off the television, disconnect the phone and set aside your laptop before bedtime.

3. Weighted blanket therapy. People of all ages can benefit from weighted combined therapy. These are absolutely safe and have no side effects, unlike medications. 

It is an effective and non-pharmacological therapy for anyone who wants a solution to sleep and relax. Weighted blanket work by providing an input signal to the deep pressure tactile receptors found throughout the body. For many people, a touch of deep pressure is needed to help the body relax.

4. Do not leave unfinished things . Make sure you have completely finished your daily chores list before trying to fall asleep.

5. Find ways to calm your mind and body . There are many things you can do to lower stress levels . Take a hot shower before going to bed and try aromatherapy methods to relax.

6. Try to meditate . Meditation can greatly help insomnia. However, you should be careful if this practice causes you more nerves than relief.

7. Relax your muscles . Spend five minutes progressively relaxing all the muscles in your body by mentally reviewing each of them.

8. Set aside negativism . Clear your mind of any negative thoughts that torment you. He thinks that with the new day new opportunities and enriching experiences will also come.

9. Give yourself some time . If these techniques do not work instantly, do not despair. Remember that fighting insomnia is not a simple issue. If your problems persist consider consulting a specialist in these types of disorders.