How To Speak Fearlessly And Easily Stand Out From The Crowd So You Can Stop Censoring Yourself... Dre Baldwin

I heard an author say that he only clicks “publish” on an article when the thought of clicking “publish” makes him nervous. 

Only if he was concerned about revealing too much about himself

Scared of his readers thinking less of him. 

Afraid of being “cancelled” by the masses for his ideas. 

Worried about offending someone he’d referred to, even if not by name, in his article / video. 

That feeling of nervousness, whatever the reason, was what told the author that he was being “naked” enough to make an impact. Conversely, anything he wrote that didn’t cause second thoughts was probably too safe and vanilla to be useful for anyone. 


I don’t necessarily follow this formula, but I have had the concept cross my mind when clicking publish on content addressing certain topics (race, politics, anything trending at the time with split opinions). 

I wonder if it’s worth it to offend some people in my audience. If I even need to bother getting a bunch of dissenting email replies (70% of the time people write me back is when they disagree with me). Is it worth it to lose a potential client just to publish this? 

The answer, as always, is YES. It’s worth it. 

Every angry reply from a fool who wants to let me know that they’re unsubscribing = ten people who appreciate what I’ve said and are now ten times more “bought in” to me and my message. 

Every time you risk opening yourself up and sharing something — an opinion, experience, fact — that someone doesn’t like, ten people love you that much more for having the courage to say it. 

The crux of it: Most of those who love what you just did won’t tell you, even though they agree with you. If they wanted their name attached to such an idea, heck, they would’ve published it first.

This is your “silent majority.”

So you have to keep an internal calculator running: every nasty reply or unsubscribe notice resulting from a “touchy” piece of content equals ten readers / viewers who are now lifelong loyalists added to your silent majority. 

They’ll never tell you, though. The silent majority only speaks up when they have to. You just have to trust the ratio. 

To this day, people who I never heard from back in my YouTube basketball days tell me how they used to follow me when their whole lives were centered around sports. 

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