We know it.

Life is busy.

Between work and other responsibilities, the day passes by quickly. It has become a common problem amongst new parent to be unable to spend quality time with kids.

Some parents feel guilty about working full-time or having a social life (outside of family and work – which is equally important.). It also adds on the existing anxiety!

In such a case, what could be a long-term solution? What are the step that parents can take?

Let’s look at a few things that helped me –

Looking for work at home options (full-time options) – If you haven’t considered it, this is the time to. There are so many work from home options that you can shop from. Check out these 20 stay at home job for moms and 50 best online jobs for parents wanting to earn a full-time income from home or online.

Read here why to freelance in 2019.

Did you know you can become a bookkeeper from home and earn $80/hour or a real estate virtual assistant and earn $30/hour?

Ask for telecommuting a few days – If you can save time traveling to work, you can gain more hours in a day to spend with your kid. Why not ask the employer to allow you to work from home. Check out this post on whether you should work from home – personality quiz inside!

Take a vacation together every 6 months – I understand if you cannot work from home and in that case, you can take a vacation together (or a small picnic of sorts). This will allow you to spend quality time together which is very important.

Take out time on the weekends, do chores together, splash in puddles, do knitting, read stories, go for a walk, cook together or any other activity that your kids love to do.

See, no matter what is going on in your life, it is important to spend one on one time with kids to feel happy, connected and less stressed.

What have you decided to do? Comment below and tell me how you spend quality time with kids?