Because of all the stress and problems that we have to face on a day to day basis, we often find ourselves in the position of wanting to make the best of the precious free time we get. A great way to spend your weekends in a fun and relaxing manner is to find relaxing activities that you can do with your pet dog.

Exercise together

Even though going to the gym is a good way to make sure that you stay in shape, you can opt for taking walks or runs with your pet once a week. Apart from the fact that this is a great way to work out, being in nature can help you cope with stress better.

If you love adventures, you can also take your pet on hikes or camping trips. A great way to make sure that you always know where your pet is is to invest in a tracking device. You can check out an analysis of a device of this type online.

Before you head out, remember to pack up the needed poop bags and some water so that your companion does not get dehydrated.

Teach a new trick

Dogs are highly active and they love spending time with their owners. If your pup likes to learn new things, you can teach it how to roll over or how to fetch. There are plenty of online guides that you can consult before you start your lessons, especially if you are a new pet owner.

Another cool idea that you could try is to take your pet to a dog training class. By doing so, you will give it the opportunity to meet new friends and you will get to exchange tips with fellow dog owners.

Go to a dog park

As you probably know, dogs are social creatures that like meeting new pets. Taking your companion to a dog park is a very good idea, as it can help it learn how to interact with other pets. This way, you can also learn how to manage situations when your dog gets aggressive.

Before you go to the park, make sure that your pet has mastered the basic commands so that you can effectively communicate with it whenever it displays signs of distress or aggression.

Listen to music together

According to a study carried out by the researchers at the University of Glasgow, soft rock and reggae music can help dogs relax. So, next time you are home alone after a busy day at work, you can throw a small singing and dancing party, your pup will surely appreciate it.

However, if you happen to be a hardcore rocker, you should know that some research has indicated that dogs get hostile and aggressive when grunge music is played. So, you might want to reconsider this idea.

Cook for it

A nice way to show your appreciation for your pet is to cook something for it. To avoid feeding your pet food that is not good for it, you can go online and search for recipes that were specially formulated for dogs.

Once the meal is prepared, you can have a cozy dinner together and you can then snuggle and watch a movie together.

Make time for pampering time

If you feel like your pet deserves to be pampered, you can schedule an appointment and take it to the local pet groomer to get a pawdicure or a nice haircut.

Besides, if you happen to live in an area where many businesses cater to the needs of pets, you might also find one that specializes in dog therapy massages.