Entrepreneurs face unique challenges in their business dealings. They are often independent and mobile, which are very important traits in all businesses – but these are needed even more in the highly competitive industry of entrepreneurship. This industry lacks support systems, and often requires high amounts of time and resources invested into uncertain ends. There are few guarantees as an entrepreneur, so they are often at heightened risk of burnout. But to help stave off burnout, entrepreneurs can take these tips to heart and take control of what they can.

Keep a Clear Morning

Don’t let yourself fall into the trap of jumping straight into work each morning. Much like how breakfast is the most important meal of the day, those precious first hours of awake-time are the most precious break you can have. Starting the day off right keeps you in the right head-space and mood, and gets you ready for the day’s work. Make this time your own – meditate, read, exercise… do what makes you happy in the morning and everything falls into place after.

Don’t Get Lost in ‘How?’

As an entrepreneur, you likely feel a great deal of stress when somebody asks you how something will happen. It’s important to know the methods to the madness that is business, but ‘how’ is daunting, and often feels out of your control. Instead, focus on the next steps – what needs to happen right now. Keep focused on solutions, not plans, and you’ll be better equipped to prioritize, list out problems, and know your path to success.

Avoid the Green Monster.

Jealousy rears its ugly head all the time, particularly in business. Entrepreneurship is a career where you will constantly be compared to others in the marketplace, fairly or not. Don’t fall prey to negative thoughts about yourself or others, let yourself be a positive force in the industry. Entrepreneurs are competitive by nature, but this isn’t a reason to be rude – put the friendly back in friendly competition.

Being an entrepreneur is difficult and – at times – exhausting. It’s easy to fall prey to burnout in every business, but entrepreneurs can face the double-whammy of poor support systems and high-investment. There is a lot on the line, and not a lot of ways to deal with the stresses of a make-it-or-break-it lifestyle. But with these tips, there are some ways for you to approach the career with confidence and comfort.