It is never easy to stay at home for a prolonged time. In 2020, most people had to stay at home because of the sudden pandemic outbreak. No one expected that the world will have to undergo the COVID-19 pandemic outbreak for almost a year now. However, we are gradually moving towards normalcy with new rules and regulations to stay safe. Staying at home and social distancing has made people gain weight and witness other physical discomforts as well. And this is why people need to work towards their fitness during this time.

Robert Trosten shares useful guidelines

Have you gained weight during the lockdown? If yes, then you are not the only one! Others have also witnessed skin issues and stomach problems because of staying indoors. Robert Trosten shares some of the best fitness guidelines for everyone.

  1. Walking is essential

We need fresh air and sunlight to lead a wholesome life! And the pandemic outbreak has made us cut off from the natural way of life for a long time. It has resulted in increased weight and both physical and mental fatigue. One of the best ways to remedy this is by walking. You can take a stroll outside your house or in the garden space as well. If you want, you can walk on your house roof as well. It will help you to connect with nature and make you feel alive from within. It will also help you to manage your weight.

  • Physical exercise is a good idea

The lockdown has made it impossible for people to go to the gym and exercise! Even though the gyms and health clubs are opening gradually, it will take time to function fully. Hence, it is a good idea to practice yoga, Pilates, or aerobic indoors. It will help you to release happy hormones, and that will lessen your stress. Regular practice will also help you to manage your weight and stay in shape. Exercise also makes a person feel good and move out of the pandemic stress and depression.

  • Eat a healthy platter

Food is an essential component of fitness! It is necessary to eat a healthy platter while you are working from home. Make sure that you consume ample green vegetables and fruits. It will help you to stay fresh and fit. You might also want to consume herbal and natural supplements to boost your immune system.

  • Stay hydrated

Water is an essential aspect of staying fit! It is necessary to drink ample water throughout the day. It will help to flush out all the toxins and body waste, which will make you feel fresh and light. It will also keep you hydrated when you are staying indoors.

  • Write a journal

You need to pay heed to mental fitness and agility as well. It is necessary to write a journal every day that will help you to record your thoughts and help you relax.

Fitness includes the body and mind! You must ensure that you stay fit and feel good during the pandemic phase. The guidelines mentioned above will help you on your journey.