Roy Tabet started his journey by working for a luxury concierge services company in Beirut for about 4 months before he decided to travel and explore different cultures. This helped him understand the ground reality of many people and also develop human skills.

Apart from his philanthropic activities, Roy is a successful entrepreneur and a core member of his family business where his contributions are the acquisition of new clients, public relations and upholding brand image.

Roy says one of the biggest secrets to succeeding in something in life is through intense focus in a particular area. Focusing in a particular task 100% is the master skill of any entrepreneur. You can’t get distracted when your working, if you do, you’ll lose your productivity and waste a lot of time. There are times when you’re in the zone and you’re working away, getting stuff done. But there are times when you’re not and you feel like you’re simply wasted that day.

Whenever you are overwhelmed with duties and responsibilities, you tend to lose touch with the world around you, which immediately affects your progress. As an entrepreneur, you need to be clear-minded, determined, and creative 24/7.

Entrepreneurship is full of ups and downs, and it is true that sometimes you can spend months grinding away at something without a reward. However, if you go too long without experiencing any ‘wins’ it can be very difficult to keep moving forward. More importantly, it can be a sign that you need to course correct.

Staying focused is one of the most toughest skills to master but it’s necessary in order for us to build successful projects. If it’s so tough to master, why is it that we are struggling to focus on a day to day basis? The reason why many people struggle when it comes to focusing on something, it’s because we are currently being programmed on a daily basis on continual attention grabbing devices and material.

How many of you sit down to work but… Your brain feels foggy. You stare at the screen. And 5 minutes later, you decide it’s hopeless and pull out your phone? Let the scrolling commence. So many entrepreneur articles teach you how to build a business empire but neglect to cover the engine that powers its growth: intense focus. And it’s concerning. Because we’re forgetting how to focus intensely in an economy where we need it most. Finding focus is a constant struggle, especially when you’re in a position that requires you to respond to other people.

Out of all that, I’ve found a few factors that make a big difference for me

Take the time to plan up front.

Most of the time when I’m having trouble focusing, it’s because I’m not clear on what I’m supposed to be doing. When I have a clear plan, it’s easier to spot a next step, so things tend to happen without such a huge mental effort on my part to get started.

Stop Multitasking

Mostly, people focus on multiple things/projects at the same time and their excuse is that, “What if the main plan/project fails? I need something to fall back upon.” Hence, they divide their attention and focus on two or multiple projects simultaneously and most often than not, the end result is that the main project does fail.

Be Involved Totally

Invest and build a business of the things that you know well and love. There is no point venturing in a business of which you don’t have a clue. It is important to be passionate about what you are doing!