The world is in a chaotic situation due to the global pandemic that has occurred and made every individual vulnerable. If you are feeling thwarted, do not worry, you are not alone under this emotional strain. It is essential to take it easy and take out some time for personal care, advises Marcus Debaise. The feeling of anxiety is quite familiar during a pandemic. However, if these conditions persist or impede your day to day operations, you must consider taking help from your doctor. 

Here are a few symptoms you must watch out for

  • Feelings of hopelessness and defeat
  • Difficulty in carrying on daily activities
  • The overwhelming situation causes discomfort
  • Feel excessively anxious and pressurized resulting in rampant behavior

Here are some guidelines to follow to feel less stressed and inspire your wellness during the outspread of the virus

Stay in power

Since you are at home all day during the lockdown, you must make sure that you are not a couch potato. Keep your body healthy by staying active and thus boost your mood, says Marcus Debaise. Exercise plays a significant role to keep you fit physically and mentally. You d not have to go to a gym to work out. There are plenty of workouts sessions online, such as yoga, strength training, Pilates, and so on. You can also stay on the move by playing around with the children and pets at home. Staying active will also help you to combat the deadly virus.

Practice mindfulness

When a person is under a stressful situation such as during a global pandemic, their mind tends to start racing. Take some time every day and try to meditate or appreciate silence. It will help you to feel a sense of calmness and distress you naturally. You can also replace this by doing one task a day but mindfully. It can be anything, as simple as reading a book or enjoying a cup of tea, make sure any gadget does not surround you. 


The social distancing norms have got us down to stay in quarantine debarring all the social activities. Make sure you do not stop socializing. There is no obstacle in connecting to people virtually. Thanks to technology. Organize a tea party over a video session once in a while. You can also create a group with your friends and family to share pictures and stories of festive activities.

Cook a healthy meal

Eating a balanced diet is always significant. However, it is challenging to manage it with all the household chores during such unprecedented times. If you can make it, there is nothing better than cooking a healthy meal and enjoying it with family-Marcus Debaise. Look out for recipes on the web and try something new once in a while.

Stay away from rumours

Keeping yourself updated is good but do not saturate yourself with all the news on social media and television. Try to detox yourself from gadgets for a few hours a day. Give yourself a break and spend some time with your family trying to engage in some other activity. 

Spend some time cleaning and de-cluttering

Covid-19 has become a blessing for many who had a routine mechanical life without any time for themselves. The lockdown is an ideal opportunity to spend some time at home, cleaning, and de-cluttering every area of the house. You do not have to spend all your time cleaning but give yourself a few minutes to clean one room per day. 

Despite doing all of the above, you may still feel under pressure sometimes. It is natural. It would be best if you found ways to distress yourself and consider positive thinking.