The thesis writing process can be both emotionally and mentally draining. It requires an investment of determination and motivation to complete the project. For some, this stressful process can take a toll on a person which could lead to quitting.

However, after all the investment of time and effort; is quitting your master thesis Netherlands, really an option? With proper strategies in place, you will be able to sail through the thesis writing and face any challenges in your way, head on.

The key is to stay healthy and positive all the way. In this article, we collect tested tips and tricks that will prove useful when writing a thesis.

A Positive Approach to Writing Your Thesis

•    Be Proactive

Rather than wait for the deadline to approach to do the work, establish a routine. In your daily schedule, allocate a few hours for working on your Thesis. You will need to fight off any urges of procrastination.

If possible, dedicate a specific area for working on the project. Also, strive to work at particular times of the day, each day.

•    Avoid Perfectionism

Keep this in mind, your finished Thesis doesn’t have to be perfect but needs to be professional. It applies to both the research and the written work. Professional quality work refers to research that’s properly conducted, accurate recording of findings, well thought out, and clear presentation.

Those are the criteria to base your expectations of the research. Otherwise, unrealistic expectations will cause you to lose your motivation.

•    Ask for Help

The size of a problem isn’t as important as how you approach it. When you come into one, acknowledge it, and determine its significance. If necessary, report the problem to your supervisor and be open to feedback.

Then, when you come to an agreed solution, put it into action. Also, you can get in touch with people who’ve finished their Thesis and ask for advice when needed.

•    Be Confident

Often, confidence evades us when we most need it. Concerning your Thesis; you decided to go for your graduate studies for a reason. During this time, you believed you would complete your studies successfully.

So, don’t let the “complexities” of finishing your Thesis, take this belief from you. Yes, you can do it and you will if you keep at it.

•    Eliminate Distractions

Any that takes your focus from your work is a distraction. That’s why most people are highly productive early in the morning or late at night. Find out what works for you and allocate this time to working on the Thesis.

The Healthy Way to Complete Your Master’s Thesis

•    Set Clear Objectives

Pursuing a research degree can be challenging. More so, when the initial enthusiasm that you had at the start, begins to fade. (Yes, it happens.)

With this, comes a diminished eagerness to work. Clear objectives give you a sense of focus. As you work towards achieving them, it gives you the motivation to do that which you may not feel like doing.

In this case, writing your Thesis.

•    Stay Fit

Good health is essential to get anything done the proper way and successfully. So, you don’t have to dedicate all the 24 hours you have in a day, to working on the research. Take time to keep your body in shape.

If you don’t want to spend too much time exercising, then, try HIIT workouts. You can also try a low-impact exercise such as Yoga to de-stress.

•    Eat Right

Healthy foods boost your brain power. Always remember to take your breakfast. It’s an essential meal of the day. Cut back on the amount of coffee you take in a day.

Opt for fruits over over-processed snacks. Say, an apple for your sweet tooth rather than a bar of chocolate. If you have no other option but to continually feast on instant noodles, throw in some mixed vegetables.

•    Take Breaks

In anything that you do, you’ve got to listen to your instincts and body. When you feel overwhelmed, it may be time to take a much-needed break. It’s a way to refresh your body and mind.

Thus, gaining stamina to keep going. With proper planning, you can have time for regular breaks. It shouldn’t be time to keep thinking about your Thesis.

Final Word on Writing a Thesis

 The thesis writing process is a marathon. You need to stay motivated throughout, to get to the finish line. Incorporate the above tips with your strategies to tackle your Master’s Thesis.

These tips will help boost your motivation and inspiration to keep going until you get to the finish line. That is, complete the Thesis within the given deadline, without having overworked yourself.


  • Hollie Carroll is an active guest post writer and she works as a content manager. Hollie believes that her articles help students to be more successful in their education.