how to stay healthy

Do you work out regularly? If you do, have the recent lockdown restrictions and gym closures prevented you from getting your regular workout?

When you’re home all day, fridge is always only a few steps away. And if you go to the kitchen for a bite or two every time you take a break, or as a way to procrastinate on your next project, the calories can really add up.

So how can you (and your team) stay fit while working from home?

Take remote fitness challenges with your colleagues and friends.

It’s convenient, no commute time needed, you can do it anytime you feel like it.

There’s no need to share equipment or worry about germs. You’re at the comfort of your home so there’s no need to feel intimidated by the fitness junkies, and “naturally” fit and good looking gym goers ?

And not to forget, you’re saving yourself gym membership fees. So really, what have you to lose?

You’ll be getting into shape, feeling less lethargic, more energized, you’ll feel better from the endorphins released, you won’t feel like you’re sitting down all day.

So, is this convincing enough for you to get started on home workouts?

I hope so!

Check out this infographic: