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You just caught a direct flight to Atlanta, where you just closed another big-time deal for your company. Right after that meeting is over, you are off to another industry event, record a podcast with an associate, and again to catch another flight because you promised the wife you would make it home for dinner. With all the traveling, you notice and feel your performance starting to slip. Here are my seven secrets to staying in peak performance for those always traveling.

Secret #1 Hydrate Like An Athlete

Your body is made up of 80% water, and it is the natural essential for your life. Before we talk about anything else, let me be 100% clear that water alone will curb your appetite, give you mental clarity and dramatically boost your performance.

I would recommend you pick up some bottled alkaline water because it is the best bottled water to drink and especially while traveling. Alkaline water is known to keep you hydrated and comes with a host of benefits like increase energy, faster hydration, and increased metabolism. Just to name a few benefits.

Make sure you focus on drinking at least 1 gallon of water daily. You have to start thinking of yourself as an athlete. Athletes have to be adequately hydrated at all times to play at full peak performance. You are an athlete now, and you have to start hydrating like one. So drink up. 

Secret #2 Skip Breakfast 

Breakfast is not for champs at all. Especially with the poor selection of breakfast choices while traveling. Most hotels and airports are full of food offering sugar-laden options and drinks. Most of those choices will cause your body to go instantly into fat storage mode and cause hyper spikes in your blood sugar level. When your blood sugar spikes too quickly, your energy levels follow the same.

That is why you experience afternoon crashes and that desire to sleep. Instead of eating breakfast, focus on drinking water and when you are feeling hungry, drink more water. You will surprise yourself with how much your body responds to the water and the Navy Seal-like focus & energy from skipping breakfast & drinking water. 

Secret #3 Stay Away From Sugar As Much As Possible

When you eat foods with much sugar, your body responds by releasing insulin into your bloodstream. Long story short, whatever sugar can not be used by your body right away turns into fat.

A double-side effect is that sugar causes your body to believe it is hungry and needs more sugar-laden foods. What really happen was sugar activates your pleasure sense in your brain. That part starts when you have sex and do drugs as well. Your body craves that feeling, so make sure you cut sugar as much because that is the fastest way to destroy your performance. 

Secret #4 Take advantage of the hotel gym

Most hotels spend millions on building a state of the art gyms for people like you who want to maintain their health even on the go. So use it. 

You can find a quick workout on men’s health or with a simple google search. If you want something more personalized to you, speak with a professional trainer and or coach. 

Secret #5 Use Your Body As An Instrument of Health

Don’t overcomplicate it. Just keep your workout simple and hit the basic movements. Pull-ups, push-ups, squats, planks, and burpees. You do not need any weights to train your body. 

Military keep their soldiers fit thru bodyweight routines. A good bodyweight routine will for sure help you stay on point while traveling. 

Secret #6 Make sure you decompress daily

Traveling causes stress and especially when you add family, bills, lack of legroom area, and even sitting by an unpleasant person on a flight. Not to add, your mind is racing as well and not always on your side. Stress being the #1 silent killer that leads to a host of problems, it is imperative that you take time each day for at least 30-45 minutes to do nothing but breathe. 

Decompression allows you to finally feel those emotions you have held up because you focused on the bigger picture. Decompression will enable you to let your thoughts freely come and go from your mind as well. This is important because all day, you are focused on others and what they need and how you can improve this and that. You need time just to let your own emotions and thoughts run wild. So make time on your schedule for you. 

Secret #7 Always Do Your Morning routine 

A dialed-in morning routine will leave your body feeling unique and ready to tackle the day. A morning routine does not take too long. Just a solid 30 minutes focused on yourself and your body, especially while traveling, will keep you on track and even ahead of your health. 

Sample Morning Routine 

• Hydration with 16 oz of water

• Bodyweight workout in the hotel gym 7- 15 minutes

• Write down Task of the day 5 minutes

• Meditate 5 minutes

• Read your goals 2 minutes

• Crush your day Priceless

Don’t complicate it; just do it and reap the benefits. If something does not feel right, then do not do it. Do what you know makes you feel energize and tapped into that peak state in the morning.

Put It All Together

Of course, there are thousands of more secrets, but these seven secrets alone, I guarantee, will put your ahead and functioning at peak performance while traveling. It is no walk in the park to stay at peak performance and to travel. Follow what you read here and build on it. Your body and your performance will show the benefits of you putting these secrets into action.