The Coronavirus pandemic was unexpected and shocking for all of us. Ever since the Covid-19 pandemic started in December 2019, the world has been upside down for most of us. People are suffering from financial, physical, and mental problems. All of us need to get through this pandemic and cope up with its effects. In this time of self-isolation and social distancing, things may affect our mind negatively. There is a limit set on going out of the house regularly. Workplaces are following a “work from home” protocol for keeping people safe from the pandemic.

Some reasons for people being depressed during the pandemic are as follows:-

  1. Family issues
  2. Financial Instability
  3. Loss of job and not getting a new one
  4. Idleness and meeting fewer people
  5. Closed ones suffering from an illness (including Covid-19)
  6. Losing a known person to the pandemic and a lot of other deaths around

There can be many more reasons for people suffering from emotional hardships. Adam Veron states that the global pandemic’s effects- uncertainty, fear, isolation, and loss are more dangerous than the pandemic itself.

How to stay mentally fit and cope up with the pandemic?

The step that a person has to take for staying mentally well depends on person-to-person. Every mind reacts differently.

Following are some tips by Adam K. Veron to overcome emotional hardships:-

  • Balance your digital life- All the things are taking place online to follow social distancing. It has introduced a virtual bond with people, which may not help a person to connect correctly. Hence, you need to come out of the digital world and connect with people in the real world. Do not isolate yourself in the digital world. Instead, reach out to people, and this can be through phone calls or in-person meet.
  • Recognize your issues- No matter how busy you are, you must recognize your problems. When you know the issues you are dealing with, then half of the work is complete to remain fit. Try to spend some ‘me-time’ with yourself and talk about your problems.
  • Make yourself busy- Sitting idle can be a significant cause of stress, anxiety, and depression. Make yourself busy doing things that you love to do. It can be writing and reading poetry, art, teaching, etc. Spend your free time talking to your near ones and practicing your hobby. Negative thoughts can’t occur in an occupied mind.
  • Counseling therapies- There are many help groups and counseling helpline numbers introduced during the Covid-19 pandemic. You may seek help from professionals if you are having a mental breakdown. It is totally fine to consult doctors regarding the issues you are facing. Some helpline numbers even provide services free of costs.

It can help if you practice meditation and yoga along with the above steps. The pandemic is yet a long way to go. All of us have to stay healthy and optimistic about it. You will attain mental peace with some time, effort, and patience. According to Adam K. Veron, mental wellbeing is as important as physical health. Pay attention to your mental health and stay positive in the hope of getting a vaccine soon.