Do you ever feel unmotivated? Uninspired? Drained? Me too… I felt this way a lot during college, or when working to break into freelance. My lack of motivation was up to ME to fix but … how? It took a long time to figure out… But finally, I found something that works for me. It looks like this:

Start with gratitude

When working to achieve your goals it is important to start from a place of abundance. That way – you are starting the day with gratitude and are able to acknowledge the good things that are happening in your life already. 

In order to do this, I make a list of 5 things I am thankful for daily. Oftentimes, these things are small, like my nephew said a new phrase that I found to be funny, or my co-worker sent me a text that I loved. Since this list is now a part of my daily routine, I spend my day looking for things to be thankful for. With my heart filled with gratitude, the anxiety feels less and my motivation to succeed feels greater.

Put your goals in writing

Like my daily practice of gratitude, I write down my top goals every single day. This task here is beneficial in a few ways. First, it reminds me of where I am headed. By writing down my top desires, I have my dreams, my future in writing. I am now able to see my goals in front of me, allowing me to hold myself accountable. When looking at this list, I feel motivated and inspired to reach for more.

Be proud of your wins

Like acknowledging the things you already have, it is also important to acknowledge the success you have achieved. When working towards our dreams and goals, it becomes easy to forget our wins. But in order to stay motivated, make sure you are giving yourself time to process your accomplishments! The girl you once were dreamed of getting to this point, celebrate those victories.

 Do it anyway

Motivation doesn’t always exist, sometimes you have to put in the work without it. Instead, train yourself to be disciplined and hardworking despite how you temporarily feel. Discipline comes from bringing good, healthy habits into your everyday life. The more you set yourself up for success, the more you can accomplish with or without the extra ounce of motivation.

Know your why

Finally, make sure you know your why. Oftentimes, when people give up on a dream or goal it’s because their ‘why,’ or their reason for wanting to achieve something isn’t strong enough. In order to stay motivated, make sure you are going after something you truly want to accomplish. Can you answer this sentence? I want to ________ because __________. Keep it short and refer back to it when you feel the motivation slipping.