Here our tips on staying motivated as an entrepreneur!

As an entrepreneur, it is crucial you stay motivated in order to keep your business or side hustle moving and shaking. A good entrepreneur will set goals and will work towards achieving these goals.

The success of your business will heavily rely on how motivated and inspired you are as a business owner!

We are not perfect and sometimes if things are not going our way, we tend to give up easily or even get discouraged!

In order to keep pushing through, you need to truly love what you are doing in the first place.

Steps to Staying Motivated

Before we get into the steps you can take for staying motivated as a Woman Entrepreneur, you need to first realize what your core values and motives are:

  • Are you working to become more independent?
  • Do you want more money for yourself and your family?
  • Are passionate about your business and company?
  • Do you have employees that rely on you?
  • Are you happy with yourself and your business?

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6 Ways to Stay Motivated:

Here are our tips for staying motivated as an entrepreneur:

1. Set Reasonable Goals

Write down your why and fully describe why you are an entrepreneur and what you want to achieve as one.

Your goals have to be reasonable and achievable.

Don’t say you want to make $10, 000 a month as it may not be feasible.

Something that is not achievable will only make you quit sooner.

However, something along the lines of: I want to earn $3, 000 per month and I want to be able to do this within 6 months of starting my business!

This is more doable!

And also writing down exactly how you are going make this money, step by step is more helpful than just knowing what you want.

2. Hang out with up lifting people

If you want to achieve your goals, be sure to hang out with people that are uplifting and can help you get through the hard days.

Ideally you want to hang out with like-minded individuals.

They are more likely to understand what you are going through and they will help you stay on track.

Here is a list of girl bosses that can inspire you!

3. Set A Work and Life Balance Routine

In order to be highly motivated and become more productive, be sure to come up with a routine that will inspire you to get to work.

This could mean, waking up at 5 am to work out, sitting down at your desk at 6 am and working until 8 am uninterrupted.

And if you have a day job to get too, you can still do it.

By sticking to a routine, you are more likely to get things done and checked off on your to-do list.

Your health is just as important as your work life! Definitely create a self-care routine for staying healthy.

4. Keep your goal in mind

When working, don’t forget to keep your goals and plans in mind. Remind yourself why you are doing this in the first place.

By reminding yourself, it will only push you to work harder and be motivated to keep going.

If you are working on something that will not help you with your end goal, don’t do it.

You will only be wasting time.

5. Stay Organized

The best tip I can give you as an entrepreneur is to stay organized as much as possible.

The more organized you can be, the better results you will get. Little things you can do to stay organized as an entrepreneur:

  • Have a to do list
  • Have a neat desk
  • Have a system for your business
  • Set up a routine that you will follow
  • Take breaks and eat something in between -Set times
  • Have a timer when tackling tasks and avoid going over the time you set

6. Stay Consistent

You have a system going, and the only way to keep it going is to stay consistent. Take an action every day that will contribute to your end goal.

Examples of actions you can take:

  • Respond to an email
  • Promote your business or services on Social Media
  • Contact brands or a business to collaborate with
  • Tackle your to-do list

Over to you, how do you stay motivated?

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