Do you sometimes wonder how to stay motivated?

Do you wish you could stay motivated despite obstacles and delays?

Often, after the initial enthusiasm and motivation, there is a drop down of the desire and interest. What can you do to stay motivated and not lose the zest, enthusiasm and energy?

The motivation to act, do things, study, pursue a goal or attain success in any area of life, often, emerges through outside triggers. The desire and the motivation might arise after watching an inspiring movie, reading a book, or talking with someone who has achieved success.

However, unless the desire and ambition are very strong, the motivation that arises is often short lived.

Ask yourself, how many times have you felt elated, energetic, and motivated to achieve a certain desire or ambition, after watching a movie or reading a book? Did this mood stay with you and pushed you forward, until you achieved that goal?
What happened to the desire and the motivation half an hour later, a day later, or a week later? In most cases, it evaporated. Why? Either because the desire was not strong enough, you lacked enough inner strength and persistence, or your day-to-day life made you forget it.

A single, one-time motivational trigger is usually not enough. Certain events or situations might arouse motivation and ambition, but some time later, everything returns to normal, and you forget about them.

Success requires constant motivation, not just a one-time trigger.

To achieve anything, you need to learn to stay motivated. You should supply yourself with constant triggers, so you can continue despite obstacles.

Every achievement and every attainment requires a constant flow of motivation. It’s true that when you follow a certain activity for some time, it often turns into a habit, and you can go on and on with it, as if on auto-pilot. Yet, knowing how to stay motivated would make the journey to achievement easier, faster and more enjoyable.

You should never lose your patience and give up.

Body building is a process that requires time and effort.
Losing weight also requires time.
Getting a degree requires time too.
Changing your lifestyle and habits needs a sustained motivation.
Everything worthwhile requires time, work and effort. You need your motivation alive and kicking for days, weeks, months or even more, depending on your goal.

The question is, how to produce a constant flow of motivation that will carry you through obstacles, laziness, procrastination, fears and negative thinking? How to stay motivated not for just a day or a week, but long enough to achieve a goal?

Below, you will find a few tips to help you.

How to Stay Motivated
Think about the times you had motivation, and write down what were the triggers. It doesn’t matter in what area you were motivated to act. Then, think and find ways to create the same conditions and triggers again, but in relation to your current goal.
Make a list of motivational and inspirational books that helped you in the past. Each day, read at least a few pages from one of the books. If you have never read a book that motivated you, start reading one now. Ask friends about such books, or search for them on the Internet.
Instead of watching movies that you will forget tomorrow and leave no effect on you, seek, and watch movies that can trigger motivation in you.
Make a list of inspiring quotes and read them often, especially in the morning before going to work, and at night, before going to sleep. You can find many such affirmations at this website.
Read success stories, about people who achieved success in the areas that you want to achieve success.
Collect photos of things you want to do or own and look at them often to get inspired and motivated.
Seek the company of people who have an uplifting effect on you and try to avoid the company of negative people who try to drag you down intentionally or unintentionally.
Start with small, simple goals. Since it is easier to maintain motivation for short periods, it would be easier to keep the motivation, when the goal does not require much time to accomplish, just a few minutes, hours, or a day or two.
Repeat positive affirmations relating to your goal. If you don’t know what affirmations are or how to use them, read this article about affirmations.