How to stay positive during difficult times.
Staying positive during difficult times is essential to your mental health. It may be hard but people around you are happy to help. Here are 5 tips to help you stay positive during difficult times.

Early 2020 has been – and still is – a tough period for all of us, whether we’re dealing with real estate or not. It’s hard to stay positive when the industry is falling and when our health and job alike are hanging by a thread, but we can still give our best to look on the bright side of everything and to do the best we can with the extra time a lot of us have right now.

The COVID-19 pandemic has shaken the world to its core. Even the cheeriest of people who always used to stay positive are catching themselves having hard time staying optimistic. And it’s understandable, with all the bad news that are on the headlines. Coronavirus has to be taken seriously, as it’s capable of causing severe pneumonia, even death – and that is without mentioning the impact on the economy. However reading all the news can be counterproductive. You have to stay informed, but being constantly bombarded with negativity can have a bad influence on your everyday life and mental health. Below are five useful advice on how to stay positive even during these difficult times. 

Look at previous positive outcomes

The advice you’ve been hearing most often is the one that is helping the most, and that is to simply stay positive by thinking about all the bad situations you’ve been in and you’ve gotten over them. Every person has gone through a lot of negative situations during their lifetime, and yet all of us reading this are still here. Also, even what seems like the worst situation of your life still can have a positive income. Think about it. Maybe you had to go through foreclosure of your house, but it ended with you moving to the best neighborhood there is, or you ended up still managing to find the perfect house at a lower price. And if all else fails, you’ll still notice that every bad experience from the past had to end at some point, and so will this. You will get through this and you will be stronger because of it.Remind yourself of this on an everyday basis.

Practice self-care

If you are amongst the people that are working from home, staying indoors 24/7 can make you stop taking care of your body the way you’ve used to. This is one of the worst things you can do to yourself, as not only it will influence your self-esteem, but it can also compromise your immune system. 

Sleep 6-8 hours a day and make this your priority, as not feeling tired is the best way to stay positive. If you don’t want to risk taking a walk outside, do regular exercises at home. There are many online sources where you can be tutored about staying in good condition even from your living room. Eat well and try to avoid ordering pre-made food; try cooking home-made meals instead. If you feel like your brain is working a bit slow, read a book or do a puzzle. Do activities that will help you relax, but also make you stay healthy. Healthy body will help your mind to stay positive as well. And most importantly, take good care of your immune system by eating lots of fruits and vitamins!

Limit your intake

When you’re spending all your days indoors, it’s easy to spend your whole day binging something, whether it be the new TV series you’re watching or that old video game that you have returned to after years of not playing. Maybe you’re spending all your time on social media, or visiting countless websites. This isn’t good for your mental health, as soon you’ll find yourself wasting your whole day doing practically nothing. Instead, limit the amount of time you’ll be spending on one outlet and try doing more productive things, such as investing in a hobby, cleaning your house or reading a nice book. It’s easier to stay positive when you’re feeling useful and when you’re doing a lot of different things during a 24-hour time period.

Support your favorite local business

No matter if you live in Milwaukee, Wisconsin or in some other part of the country, you have probably been given the social distancing advice and are avoiding going out to the cafe to have a drink with a bunch of friends. Most people you know are doing the same. This means that your favorite cafe is being left empty, and despite that happening for a good cause, it isn’t helping their business. The same goes for that store you used to go to every week. Help the brands and places you love stay in business by buying a gift card or ordering something through their delivery – if they have that option. And it is the most important to help small businesses you respect, as they are most likely barely making a living even in good condition of the economy. This will help the people whose work you respect stay positive as well. When even big, worldwide known brands are dealing with the financial crisis, how will your local companies deal with all of this without you, as someone who enjoys their products or services, helping them?

Turn off the news

This one may be the most difficult one, but it’s also the most important one if you want to stay positive during these terrible times. Bad and dramatic things are happening in the world and your own state none the less. You feel like you have to know every little detail, every single new information they will give you. Truth is, only a little number of news is actually informative, and others serve only to fill your head with gossips and panic. Instead of reading and hearing everything that gets piled up in the news, carefully select what you truly want and need to know. Find a good news portal or stick to one reporter and commentator. This way you will stay in touch but also filter all those unwanted news that will only make you panic.