stay positive in times of anxiety and fear

It is an undeniable fact that we are living in a time of crisis. There is fear all over the space, and perhaps you have lost someone you know, a family member or a friend to the pandemic. Or perhaps you have lost business or a job and you are living in fear of what the situation holds for the future. What then should we do in this time of crisis?  These few tips will help you overcome the anxiety and fears that are engulfing you at this moment:

Define your fears

What is that single thing that terrifies you in this season? Is it about losing your business? Or is it about your health? Once you have identified and defined your fears, look for the possible solutions. Stay positive and always be the manager of your thoughts. Talk to yourself, be kind to other people, and understand that no situation will remain permanent.

Read an inspirational book

There are so many inspirational and motivational books that would be helpful in streamlining your thoughts towards the positive direction. Perhaps your thoughts have been engulfed by negativity, and what you need only to come out of the same situation is to read something positive, why don’t you heed the call and read? Of course, reading something positive will always bring positive results, the results of hope.

Manage your thoughts

In this crisis, there are thought provoking situations, that in most cases are negative. Thoughts about health, business, employment, and the rest. In this situation, you need to always take charge of your thoughts, and understand that it is a situation that will eventually come to and end, instead, think of something positive that you can do to help the situation.

Identify the worst-case scenario

What is the worst that can happen? What if you lose your job? What if the crisis remains for some time? These are the realities that you need to question, in order to come to terms with the situation, and instead of complaining and living in fear, you go ahead and look for solutions, or help prevent the impacts of the crisis by doing something about it.

Stay off social media where necessary

Sometimes it may need you to stay off the social media, if that is what makes your situation worse. There is nothing that you can lose by switching off for a while, until a time when you feel you are strong to handle your fears.

Focus on the present moment

Instead of worrying about the future, it would be beneficial if you could focus on the present moment. Nothing will come out of worrying, or living in fear. You should try as much as possible to focus on the present moment, what you can eat, what you can read, the people you should call or speak to, or the music you should listen to, or personal meditation.

We hope that you will find something to give you the strength that you need to stay positive, and cast away all the fears that surrounds this time of crisis.

Author Information: Shadrack Korir is an author, an entrepreneur, mentor, and a writer among other titles. He is also an author at Phones Forever, a blog that gives advice to phone users on various things that surrounds phones and its uses.


  • Korir Shadrack is a passionate writer, blogger, marketer, and an entrepreneur. He has been in the freelancing industry since 2015 and has mastered the art of writing, blogging, and marketing among other skills. His vision is to bring a positive impact to the society and make it more habitable.