As a (new) small business owner myself, I’m very much talking from experience with these ‘stay sane’ tips. You will find that you can never prevent work from piling up but you can lay down some strategies that will help you manage the work.

You need to consider your own state of mind and do what is best for you. Whatever your goal is in a business, your dream will eventually turn into an illusion when you become overwhelmed. There are a few secrets to staying sane by breaking up stress. Here are a few tips to get you started.

1.Trust your work

Obsessing over your work can be stressful enough. You probably created your own business because you have some level of expertise that you hope people are will to respect, and pay for.

While attention to detail is extremely important micro-focusing is a road to nowhere. You can’t please everyone, all of the time and that includes your customers.

Ensure things are in place as they are supposed to, and improve them over time. You do not need to be creating more burden by making more work on top of what you have. Keep your cool when things gets so busy and things will not run you crazy.

2. Keep learning

In business, you need to keep learning all the time. This is a strategy that is being embraced by many small business owners of the 21st Century.

You have competitors who will be moving forward with or without you. So, you can’t afford to stand still. We have so many sources of materials to learn from online. If you can’t find time, delegate some tasks to your workers to create time.

Invest in research and development of your processes, and invest in your own knowledge for long term business survival.

3. Do not try to beat all your competitors

Beating up all your competitors at once will never work. Not only will it not work but it will definitely drain you. Your resources will also go down very quickly.

It is important that you shift your focus to getting things done as prioritized instead. Don’t spread all your attention to your competition, direct it to your business and grow it overtime. Competition comes in along with the growth of the business.

Being number second, third or a hundredth best business is good enough for most businesses to thrive.

4. Delegate some of your duties

Delegate as much as you can, as soon as you can.

Time is irrecoverable, once spent it is gone. In order to feel like you have spent your time wisely, you need to delegate some duties.

Some of these duties are duties that you are not so good at. To be able to do this well, it is important to know the skills of your workers. By doing that, you will be able to know which worker suits which task.

You’ll be surprised by the tasks you thought only you could do, that in fact you’re not even the best at among your team.

5. Give yourself some breaks

It is very important to keep it in mind that a business is a marathon and not a sprint. Anytime you feel like grinding and grinding, always keep in mind that you need to rest.

You need time to recharge and focus on the tasks ahead of you. Take tea breaks, lunch breaks, breaks to make a phone call or two that are not job related. It is good for your productivity.

6. Do not do more than 5 major tasks in one day

As a business owner, you could be having a lot in your plate. Probably you have so many things to do to keep your business running. It is good to make sure that you don’t overwhelm yourself by handling more than 5 major tasks.

If you try to do everything in a single day, you will feel like you are not accomplishing tasks as intended. Try to do 5 tasks and ensure they are complete by a certain time limit. You will agree with me that you will accomplish much more in one day.

7. Managing Utility bills efficiently

As you grow it’s so easy to take your eye off the ball with monthly expenditure. Utility bills are the take-it or leave-it costs of running a business. These costs can be a problem if not well looked at and managed.

You can choose to do energy audits and utility bill management yourself, but it’s one of those tasks probably worth delegating, to an expert.

To best manage your utility bills, you need to automate the system of tracking. Utility tracking software will help you in the following ways: pay your bills on time remove the burden of processing bills prevent the risk of incurring unnecessary cost due to inaccurate charges Ability to access the utility bills statements anytime you need it.


  • Marcus Clarke

    Freelance Travel, Business and Everything Else Writer