Social Awkwardness

Do you want to overcome shyness or anxiety when moving out and be confident and charismatic? Well this is what most people want. However, if you’re dealing with acute social awkwardness, then you must take immediate step to overcome the problem and the best way to do this is to know about the problem.

What is Social Awkwardness?

Social Awkwardness, also known as Social anxiety disorder (social phobia), comes from a sense of not appearing normal under the gaze of others in the public. The social awkwardness is a sense that is generated by your own worries of what others think about your appearance. Social awkwardness situation can prevent you from fully interacting with others out of fear of being ridiculed.

Symptoms and Causes of Social Awkwardness

Just like any other mental health conditions, social awkwardness is likely to arise from a complex interaction of biological and environmental factors. Some of the most common causes for this include inherited traits, brain structure, and the environment.

Symptoms of social anxiety disorder can include persistent:

  • Feeling nervous or uncomfortable in social situations
  • Bad conversational flow
  • Constantly replaying that embarrassing moment
  • Feeling self-conscious of every little thing you do
  • Being hesitant and timid
  • Trying hard to avoid breaking the social rules
  • Doing the wrong thing at the wrong time

How to Overcome being Socially Awkward?

Firm Shake Hands

People love the confident people and since everything starts with a handshake, so make sure to start with a confidence. Shake hands firmly and with confidence when you meet new people. Grip the person’s hand firmly and confidently.

Make sure to not hold hands too tightly that it crushes someone’s palm and avoid holding for too long. A cool and firm handshake indicates confidence while sweaty palms and a weak grip send awkward signals.

Smile More

Smile is the best way to overcome the socially awkward symptoms when you meet new people. When moving to public places or to parties, make eye contact with others and smile often. Smile not just makes you look adorable, but also reduces your social awkwardness. This will help others at ease so that they are more comfortable in your company. This is important because the other person also may be dealing with social awkwardness and your smile can do wonders for them also. Smiling will boost your self-esteem and self-confidence.

Make Eye Contacts

This is a psychological fact – Developing eye contact makes you confident. More people agree to your point when you make eye contacts with them and they’ll find you more confident. So when you are talking to someone new or a known person, make eye contact when talking or if someone is speaking to you.

Make sure you don’t stare at them as this will reduce their interest in conversation and they’ll find you an annoying person. Creating positive eye contact shows your interest.

Team Up with Someone Skilled & Confident

We all have someone in a group who we find the most confident and love to interact with. Communicating more with such people can help you to overcome your problem of social awkwardness. You can learn a lot from their behavior. Learn how they interact and create confidence while communicating.

Additionally, these people can help introduce you to new people and thereby give you a social starting. This way you will be more confident while communicating with others.

Ask Questions

Asking questions and seeking their agreement about the topics increase their interest in communicating with you. While this will give a sudden boost to your confidence, it is important to make sure not to start every conversation with a question or as too many questions during a conversation. Think how you can others feel relaxed and give them space to express their thoughts.

This makes them valued in a conversation that their suggestions seem important in a group. This will also make you more adorable and confident.

Improve Non-Verbal Skills

Non-verbal skills are very important in increasing your confidence. In fact, experts claim that the success of any conversation depends on how you say things rather than what you say. While communicating with others, try to be polite and avoid taking over the conversation.

Analyze the situation and act accordingly. You can be relaxed and playful when you are in a casual setup with friends and family, whereas it is important to be attentive and act in a matured manner when in a formal situation.

Listen Carefully

One of the best ways to deal with socially awkwardness is listening carefully while you are communicating with someone individually or in a group. Most of the socially awkward situations occur while you don’t listen to the other person and end-up speaking something irrelevant. The most common problem of not listening to someone may be “you are lost in your thoughts.” so when communicating with others, try to listen properly when in a conversation.

Final Words

Trying the above-mentioned techniques is sure to give you a better way to kick-start a new, confident life and communicate others without being socially awkward. In order to deal with the situation better and faster, it is important to understand what causes social awkwardness in details so you can avoid making the mistakes and increase confidence with positive and required steps. Dealing with the socially awkwardness issue is not an overnight transformation, you also need to develop your mental strength and trust me… these steps will make a magical impact on your public conversations.