Ready to move into FLOW? Shed weight, get stronger, and BE healthier with ease!!

I felt called to share an old page right from my personal journal as I was shifting and growing in my evolution to loving myself more. It’s raw AND powerful. I share it vulnerably as a message to support and assist you…

I am creating MORE space. A lot of the discomfort I am experiencing is the space…I am in the destroy to create phase. SO I am in this discomfort AND I feel myself wanting to go into an old pattern of forcing. 
Instead can I sit with this discomfort? 
Can I be with it? 
Can I actually see what it is about? 
What old beliefs are there for me to soar through as I embrace the experience for what it is RIGHT NOW, my life as it is RIGHT NOW, embrace my body as it is RIGHT NOW.
Then I notice… I don’t feel very healthy or strong. I am feeling sluggish right now. OK. No judgement. In fact, can I love myself in this precise situation fully and not have a story about not feeling good enough or worthy? Can I still choose to love myself and put on clothes that make me feel good? Can I notice something beautiful about myself as I AM in this moment? Can I give myself love now AND in honor of that love notice that I want to feel even stronger and healthier?


So now I get to play. Time to get curious in honor of my body and how music I love myself…
What does my workout time get to be this week? 
What are my commitments with food feeling like? 

It simply choosing and honoring flow and worthiness.
I am no longer available for saying “I can’t” or “I need” or “I have to” and force myself to be something other than I am. 
I am no longer available for believing that “I gotta be strict with my body.”  “I can’t have any of this!” I see now how that feels and where it was coming from. 
COOL!! I take full responsibility for these old beliefs that did not serve me. NOW I choose ones that do.
I am practicing loving myself more and more everyday. I get to take one small step. It’s a moment to moment game.
How do I get to align to my workouts today and my nutrition? 
What do I get to do today that feels good and serves me in being strong and healthy in my body?
Do I get to take a walk on the beach? Go running? Or take a few minutes to meditate? Or turn on some music and dance? What would support me most in feeling AWESOME?!

It’s been quite some time since I wrote that. The practice is something I use all the time though…ever evolving. It’s all part of our holy human experience here. To feel what we feel and then choose to align with what serves us in our highest light. 

How do you move through the resistance? It’s always a choice. It’s simple too. You get to witness yourself in any given moment. Pause, sigh and ask, “how do I feel?”
Simply get curious.
There is no need to judge yourself for having these old beliefs that do not serve you. It’s just a observation. All you have to do is allow it.
“Oh this thought came up. It’s not true. It’s just a thought.”
The thought has been thinking you. You are NOT the thought! It is just what you have learned. It is just what you are in the habit of. In this moment you can Invoke the power of your meta-cognition – the magical ability to observe your own thought. 
“Oh I SEE this thought came up. That’s interesting. How is that making me feel?Why is that? Is that what I really want? What do I want? What would be a step I could take right now toward that?

This is part of the exact technique I share with all my personal clients. It’s an energy exfoliation. You learn to walk through the steps of shedding a low frequency thought that is depleting you and uncover the radiant high frequency that lets you shine.