how to deal with overthinking and anxiety

It is good to think widely and critically. When you overdo it and repeatedly, it becomes a problem. Sometimes you find yourself immersed in thoughts that are negative and full of regrets. That is the issue we would like to address because if not addressed, it can lead to stress and depression.

Even before we look at the solutions to overthinking and anxiety, let’s first understand the causes. Some of the known psychological causes include but not limited to:

  • Issues of self-esteem and self-doubt.
  • Response to fear as a result of the pandemic.
  • Deaths and illnesses.
  • Hard economic and financial situations.
  • Parental neglect or childhood abuse.
  • Trauma and obsessive thoughts.
  • Perfectionism and failure to meet targets.

Whenever you find yourself overthinking, here are some of the strategies to cope with:

Reflect on your thoughts

One of the ways to find a lasting solution to overthinking is to reflect. Every time you find yourself in such a situation, look at the big picture and see what could be causing the problem. This is one way to understand the cause of your anxiety so that you can address whenever you face it.

Focus on the positive

Look for solutions to the problems instead of focusing on the negative. It is always easy to focus on the negative side of the story, and that drains much energy as compared to when you take the positive side. Think of how best can you overcome the situation you are in rather than regrets and looking back.

Find a distraction

Sometimes it is better to find something to do so as to distract your mind and thoughts. You can do some little exercises, go for workout classes, volunteer to do some work, or focus on growing your hobby. This has been proven to work great when solving anxiety and overthinking problems.

Meet people and talk

The other fruitful way of dealing with anxiety and overthinking is to meet people. When you meet people, you avoid focusing so much on yourself. This can help ease and even make your day bright as you interact with your peers.

Count your achievements

Instead of focusing on your recent failures, focus on counting what you achieved earlier. It will surely help your mind develop a positive attitude as you navigate the situation. There is a high tendency for anyone to get obsessed with what is not working at the moment, rather than count on the past achievements.

Watch or listen to music

This works magic when it comes to stabilizing your thoughts for the better. You can watch your favorite cartoon characters, movies, or music. This will help you gain or stabilize your thoughts. Just to make sure your mind gets occupied with positive thoughts as you diminish the negative ones. When you do this, you will find yourself in a mood that you can laugh, talk to people, or just clear the mind.

In conclusion, overthinking and anxiety is a manageable situation that you can solve with the above best practices. It can be damaging and can even result in stress and depression if not well managed or handled. Therefore, get yourself engaged in any activity that can work for your case.


  • Korir Shadrack is a passionate writer, blogger, marketer, and an entrepreneur. He has been in the freelancing industry since 2015 and has mastered the art of writing, blogging, and marketing among other skills. His vision is to bring a positive impact to the society and make it more habitable.