Procrastination is a issue that we deal with in our life daily. This pandemic has made us overthink a lot because of all the uncertainty that has comes along with it. I am sharing with you some of tips that I have followed and that have helped me be more focused and productive:

  1. Plan your day

This can be done a night before or in the morning before getting the day started. Make a to do list. Aim for achievable goals as it will help to boost confidence and also keep you motivated. You can opt for a detailed list or even go for just the pointers.

2. Break up your task

This will help not only in better time management but you will see that this way you get more things done in a day. If you have dedicated an hour slot for some activity break down the hour in four or three slots according to the task.

3. Keep in mind the Parkinson’s rule

Work expands to fill the time available for its completion. So judge wisely how much time a particular work requires and allot time to that work accordingly. Never assign more or less time. As less time would result in in-complete work and more time would result in procrastination and decreases in productivity.

4. Take breaks.

One should try to take frequent breaks as focusing for too long wears the mind. Though the breaks should be short. Breaks could be best utilized by talking a short walk, making yourself some tea, listening to music or even closing your eyes for relaxation. Breaks should not extend for long as they would sway you away from your work.

5. Have a positive company

Its very important to be surrounded by people who motivate you. Sometimes one needs motivation in order to continue working hard. Especially during this lock down period one should be in a company of positive and vibrant people.

6. Spend time with your family

Sitting for the entire day in your workspace would make you dull and after some days you might not want to return back to your work area. Its very important that you interact with people in your family. Have meals with them, cook with them, watch news, dramas with them. It would make both the sides happy and more at ease.

7. Eat healthy and stay hydrated

For healthier functioning of body and brain it is necessary that one stays hydrated and has a proper balanced diet. Include a lot of fibers, green vegetables, fruits in your meals and drink good amount of water to prevent your brain from getting tired easily

8. Stay motivated

In order to stop procrastination it is important that you stay motivated. every day should bring in the new sense of joy in learning new things. Take one day at a time and one task at a time. If you are unable to complete a task don’t criticize yourself instead tell yourself that you would do better next time. If you cant stay motivated on your own ask help from family, friends. Ask them to remind you why you should be doing a particular job right now and not wasting your time watching a YouTube video or a show on Netflix.

Lastly, one it becomes a routine and you start enjoying what you do, each day would be a new day and new opportunity to learn. Have a reason good enough that makes you work harder than you have ever done in your life as procrastination is not going to buy you a car you desire or vacation you have been dreaming of!! Choose wisely.