Marriage or romantic relationships have got many ups and downs, which constantly threaten its stability. When there are ups, everyone is joyous, and love is sweeter than honey.

What about when there are downs that threaten to cripple your romantic relationship or marriage completely? What can you do to save it?

Below are five effective ways you can employ on your creepy situation and recover powerfully. 

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  1. Embrace patience

The fact is your marriage is crumbling. It requires a quick fix. Right? But this will not happen overnight. It will take some time. There is a lot of mistrust that had set in overtime. You need to rebuild the trust. Since your partner has agreed to change, be patient and hope for the best. Everyone is delicate, and much care is needed to cure the wounds that threatened your marriage.  

  1. Do not stop communicating

Communication is very vital in any relationship. It helps you share your thoughts, express feelings, and know about your spouse’s position. If all of you keep quiet, you are going to make the problem more badly. Even if your partner is not responsive, keep communicating with him. Remember to monitor your tone as it dictates the healthiness of the communication.

  1. Seek help from a neutral person

Getting feedback from a neutral person will give more insights on how to handle the issue. In this case, you have to find good people, especially confidants. Pour your heart to them Take the feedback seriously and see how effective it can be to address the issue. While a constructive approach may be offered to you, you are the determinant of its success. How effective will you implement it?

  1. Stop casting blame on each other

A question cannot effectively answer another question. It would help if you overlooked the blames on this issue. What you are looking for is not a justification of who is right or who is wrong. It is a solution for your marriage. Therefore don’t make the problem unbearable with petty issues. Overlook them and reason together for a possible solution.

  1. Put down your ego

The ‘I’ factor is the greatest barrier in many relationships or marriages. If you are wrong, why can’t you accept the mistakes? Will that make you unreasonable or degrade you in any way? You see, it is not about who is in control of the marriage. It is all about soldiering together as lovers. 


Saving a marriage is quite simple, as well as a difficult situation. No matter the magnitude of the problem, it can be saved. But it all depends on the willingness of the partners to reshape everything fresh. Don’t be quick to quit. Just give it a try diligently and see the amazing results.