How do you switch from the heavy work day into a balanced family or home life at the end of the day? It seems like a Sisyphean task to accomplish – leaving behind a career and knowing when to let go and relax. In order to have a great work/family balance you need to change certain things that you do because the root cause of your stress is no one but yourself. You’re your own worst enemy. If you want to balance your life properly, you need to take into account the things that lead you to being unhappy. Your habits need to change or else you’ll simply be stressing yourself into an early grave. Here are a handful of things that can help bring about a healthy work/life balance.

Learn how to Disconnect

According to The Telegraph, we now spend the equivalent of an entire day online during the course of a week. Being online is a necessity for some, depending on workplaces and the things that need to get done, but knowing when is “office time” and when isn’t contributes to finding and keeping a healthy balance. Switch off your devices or disconnect them from the work network if possible when you’re not in the office. Disconnecting allows us to refocus on life outside of the job and stops our employment from slowly encroaching on your life.

Push for Remote Work

Working remotely is uniquely freeing to someone who is used to a nine-to-five grind. Tech Republic notes that many remote workers tend to live their lives differently as they work along different lines and aren’t “chained” to a desk. This also allows workers to adapt their time schedule, giving them more freedom and individual agency. This flexible arrangement is not available in all industries, but for the industries that offer it, it’s definitely something that an employee looking to bring back a solid work/life balance to their existence should pursue.

Reduce Stress Through Relaxation

One of the most insidious things that affect employees is the creeping dread of stress. Sometimes you don’t even feel it invade your life until one day you way up and the anxiety has taken over completely. De-stressing is as much a part of living as breathing is, but few people pay much attention to this necessity. Even something as simple as setting a single evening aside to do something fun counts as de-stressing. Commutes can be nerve-wracking and so to prepare for them, it’s a good idea to simply take a little bit of time after work to mentally prepare yourself for the road. It can go a long way to helping you unwind and bringing your life back into balance.

Find a Hobby

Work tends to be the focus of a lot of people to such an extent that there’s scarcely room for anything else. However, this sort of single-minded focus on work is unhealthy. Mentor Works addresses the importance of a hobby in healthy work-life balance, stating that they can lead to one becoming a more well-rounded professional. Hobbies also allow a person to disconnect from the job and surround himself or herself with things that allow them to think laterally. It exercises the mind and body in different ways to the job and can even allow you to learn new skills and break the monotonous routine of the day-to-day grind.

Try to Have More Fun

While it seems like a simple thing, it’s a lot more complicated than it sounds. Many people who have started working have given up the things that used to use to have fun, either because they’re too tired to partake of those activities or because they no longer have the time in their schedule. By creating time or freeing it up to have fun and visit rent bikes from, you develop a much better outlook on life and allow yourself the liberty of actually experiencing new things. Exploring new horizons and experiencing new things might even allow you discover more pursuits that you might consider enjoyable. Work/family balance stems from enjoying your life and only you know how to do that to the fullest.

Know When to Live your Life

There’s an old quote that says that a job makes you do what you have to, so that later on you can do what you want to. In your professional life it’s important to know when that point of having to do something ends. Sure, you may enjoy your job, and some of us enjoy working excessively long hours, but even the most enjoyable jobs take a toll if they aren’t put in their place. You need to know when to put your foot down and take time for you. That’s the only way to make sure you have a life after work.


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