What keeps you running when times get tough?

Having the right mindset allows me to face any difficulty and therefore, when moments get tough, thanks to it I am able to find the strength to go on and not feel discouraged. Being able to get up after a difficult period or a failure is fundamental, and in order to do so you need the right mindset.

What’s your secret to scaling a business?

I believe that it is better to have few collaborators but of the highest quality, that’s why in the Valori International and in all my brands I always start with a low number of employees, thus avoiding having to downsize in the future.

How important is it to have a solid team behind you?

It is essential for me that people who want to work with me have the right mindset and my same ambitions. Without these qualities, no one will ever be able to work with / for me. I think it is very important to create a team of motivated people, that is why I always try to make it clear that we have a Mission and we fight for the same common goal. I found my best employees through video applications, they all were humble people, very hungry for success.

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