Successful People

Success has as many definitions as there are people in this world. For some, it is the cheer of victory at the closing of a battle, for others, it is the blinding light at the end of a tunnel.

Generally, you could say that success is the accomplishment of a personal goal.

In order to achieve it, you need to dive inwards and set your own milestones. These could be anything from wealth, power, fame to ideal relationships—everything that you see on the billboards already.

However, the most elemental metric in the case of success is happiness. Take this example for a minute. A man wanders about the Sahara desert with cracked lips and a parched throat. Success in his case would be spotting a cool oasis with a drinking well, right? So, he roams around in search of this salve. Once he locates it, the purest form of joy that anyone could behold overwhelms him.

People seek this kind of fulfillment when they set out to gain success. And, it is not an easy one to attain. There are trials and tribulations on the way, which are enough to set one off from the road to success.

Coming back to the topic at hand, the main question then becomes: How can you supercharge your personal success, i.e. boost your accomplishment ratio? What measures can you take to optimize your life goals and deem yourself successful? Which ways to ultimate happiness should you adopt to make your days in this world worthwhile? Read on to find out. Keep in mind that success is the product of a plan or a goal, without which it’s simply an ephemeral concept.

Introduce an Element of Practicality

When I was young, I wanted to be an astronaut, the ‘president of the world’, a chef, a gym trainer, Shakira, and whatnot. All of these dreams faded away with time because they carried an element of fantasy to them.

This world runs on practicality.

In order to reap success, you need to bring your dreams within the ambit of feasibility and workability. See if your goal can be actualized in the long run, given the supposed space/time restrictions. If it can, only then start working towards it.

Know your limits, your capabilities, your highs/lows, and success will fall in your lot naturally.

Prioritize: One Goal at a Time

It is quite easy to get overwhelmed, and even claustrophobic, in a crowd. Each face serves as a distraction, sidetracking you from your main path. The humdrum envelops your mind and sweeps clarity of purpose aside.

The same thing happens when you dip your feet in all sorts of ponds at one time. For instance, you plan on losing weight, taking up sculpture, getting your driver’s license and cutting back on your credit card usage simultaneously. Yet you are unable to achieve even a single goal. Why is that? Because your mind gets way too occupied to give proper attention to any one of the set plans, jeopardizing your personal success.

Therefore, what you need to do is prioritize. Focus on one milestone at a time. Give it your best shot. This step-by-step efficiency will boost your chances of success.

Let out some Steam

Quick question: What happens when you overuse your smartphone? It starts hanging, doesn’t it? Heating up and producing glitches—ultimately affecting your workflow? What do you do to reset its quick responsiveness? Put it aside for some time and allow it to cool down.

Well, similar is the case with your body.

If you over-exhaust yourself in pursuit of your goals, burn the midnight oil and limit your ‘play’ time, your health is bound to deteriorate, which is a major setback. So, regardless of how busy your schedule is, make sure to take at least five minutes out in an hour to relieve all that pent-up steam.

Stream a funny episode of ‘Brooklyn 99’ or ‘Parks and Recreation’ over your display, hooked with amazing TV packages, and laugh your way out of the stress. With such healthy breaks in between, you’ll see your productivity getting a much-needed boost and your success probability flourishing unlike before.

Thrust Yourself Forward

There will come certain turns in your journey that will impel you to give up. Colin R. Davis says the road to success goes hand in hand with the road to failure. You cannot expect to experience one without, at least, tasting the other.

So, when you do hit rock bottom, remember that the only way left to go is up. Spread your wings, drive away the dark clouds of depression and push yourself forward. Raise the bar higher every time you receive a blow from fortune. Practice your craft, perfect your skill and accomplish your goals. You might even surprise yourself.

Invest in Seeds of Support

Everyone needs a pat on the back at some point in his or her life. A friend who cheers them up when circumstances go sideways. Someone who asks after their progress and helps strengthen their sense of purpose. Someone who motivates them when they’re feeling down. Such friends are a true blessing and their sole presence automatically pushes up your success ratio. So, do invest in such individuals and surround yourself with them.

In conclusion, personal success is one of the most sought after accomplishments in a lifetime and it can be yours to reap if you follow the aforementioned tips.