As the world is gripped by the coronavirus pandemic, many are beginning to feel incredibly uncertain of the future. Whether it be their own personal future, the future of a loved one, or the future of their country. This kind of uncertainty can easily pull people apart and distance themselves from others. While social distancing to stop the spread of the virus is highly recommended, it’s still important to be there for one another at a time like this. Here is how to support others during times of uncertainty:

Being Anxious is Normal

In order to support your friends and family during times of uncertainty, it’s important to let them know what they’re feeling is completely normal. Feeling anxious, worried, or scared is a valid reaction and shouldn’t be put down. By recognizing that these feelings are normal, it becomes much easier to cope and is a helpful first step. It’s also important to let others struggling to know that they have you and other resources to help with their stress and anxiety. 

Recognize What Can Be Controlled

One of the best ways to help you and others is by listing all the things that are under your control. In order to help out friends and family who are struggling, work with them to separate what is in their control from what is not. It’s much more helpful to focus on what is actually in our control than what is not. By focusing on what we can control, we can be and feel more in control. This can be washing your hands, taking vitamins, and putting a cap on how much news you watch. 

Encourage Going Into Nature

While it is vitally imperative to socially distance yourself as much as possible at a time like this, this can easily lead to anxiety, depression, stress, insomnia, and irritability. In order to make sure we are all taking our mental health seriously as well, it’s important to get out and see nature. Taking a walk around the block, while still keeping a distance from others, can be a huge help. With the sun shining on your face and breathing in fresh hair, it can relieve stress and put worries at ease.