Employee support

Initially, when the nations were under complete lockdown due to corona, we thought it would end if we would stay inside and so even when the economy was going down, the government stuck to keeping people safe and confined to their homes. Later, the government realised that we have to learn to live with it as it will take time for the vaccine to come. 

Different industries were hit differently due to this either one or many departments were suffering for sure in every company. Some works cannot be performed from home and so some restrictions were taken down and the hybrid model came into existence. The workforce involved in departments that require them to come to office is now called to their offices. Even though people have started going out for work and other important things, the risk is still high. And so, as an employer, it is pivotal for you to not just worry about staying in touch with the work from home employees but also about those who are risking their lives for the work. 

Here are some ways in which you can ensure the same. Let’s begin! 

  • Take all safety measures-
    No matter how good HR and payroll management software in India you are using to collaborate well with remote employees are, if you are not taking care of the place of work where some of your employees are coming to work, it is all in vain. Make sure you are getting the office sanitised every day, doing temperature checks, keeping seating six feet apart and sending those employees who show even the slightest of symptoms back to their homes immediately till their report for COVID doesn’t come out. 
  • Communicate online only-
    Instead of thinking of keeping in-person meetings and inviting people in the same room to discuss and brainstorm ideas, you should do that in the form of online meetings only as this will minimise the risk of spreading the virus.
  • Pay them in time-
    Make sure you use an HR and payroll management software in India that is on-cloud so that the HR can work even from their homes. So, even if on some days the HR is not able to make it to office, no delay in salary happens because of the same. Remember, there are an employee who earlier might be coming to office in a sharing cab or shuttle but now due to corona this cost has risen. Getting their salaries processed on time is one of the things that you should take seriously. 
  • Arrange a safe cab service to commute- 
    To make sure they do not catch the virus while coming to office, you must start working Arrange different cabs and split or reimburse the travel amount. This will minimize the chances of any of your employees catching the virus drastically.

These are the four tips in which you can support your employees coming to the office. Now, make sure, you are following all of these and have payroll software that is on cloud so that the HR team can process salary from anywhere, anytime. Remember, the times are tough but so are we!