Empaths have the ability to read other’s emotional states are highly sensitive and may even take on the pain of others. By nature they are empathetic. So it has been a difficult few weeks for those Empaths watching the world as we know it disappears. Although through this process I know we will see a brighter better world, the pain of getting there can be overwhelming. The global sadness has made every person pause for in death there is a reality that can bring Empaths to their knees.

So how can we, as Empath’s wrap our empathetic energy into goodness and stay sane and well all that the same time? Here are 5 tips that might help those who feel the world’s suffering as well as our own and those of our neighbors. These tips are a way to find hope and renewal in this process so we can focus our empathy to the new rebirth rather than the suffering.

  1. Stop the media machine. It is hypnotic to see a global crisis unfold day after day. At first, we started with anxiety and used the media to try and understand. It is easy to see how we get addicted to the news it is sensational, it is moving, and it is manipulative. So I suggest limiting your time of watching the news pick one report channel or broadcast a day and don’t do any others. I have come to realize that, if it is important we will all hear about it, a lot.
  2. Keep habits and rituals that are positive and meaningful for you. If you have always wanted a morning ritual but were always too busy and late to do it on a regular basis, now is the perfect time to explore how you welcome the world each day and incorporate what you love in a morning ritual or routine into a new habit that brings you joy, grounds you, and set the tone for your day.
  3. Get Physical. If you have an exercise routine or sport that you love do it modify it if you have to but do something every day, preferably out of doors. If you want an indoor work out turn to YouTube to find pretty much every type of exercise you may want, including ones that ground your mind as well as your body such as Tai Chi or Yoga. This is an opportunity to learn a new practice or exercise so, just do it! If you can do this one thing each day you will feel better go outside barefoot and connect to Mother Earth. Even if it is for 2 minutes it is a way to connect and literally ground yourself.
  1. Connect. When we are filled with sadness we tend to become more introverted, more isolated. In this time of mandatory isolation, it is easy to get lost in our world and become more and more isolated which does not help anyone. We all need to connect no matter where, when or how ew need connection. So plan to connect force yourself to make even one connection a day with someone you deeply care for someone you may not have talked to in a bit or someone you talk to all the time. No matter how just connect it is good for the heart the soul and the mind. Just one person a day will bring you happiness.
  2. Find help and support in different ways. In this new world, we are technologically intertwined and for now, that has to be good enough. So use it yo your advantage. Set dates for connecting over social media have a remote dinner or party together with friends or family. Connect into classes programs and the plethora sites that allow you access to museums, travel sites and mediations that abound on the internet today. Check out one of the most popular courses at Yale on Being a Happier Person and right now it is free!

These are a few simple steps that we can seek solace and even happiness during these times. Finding joy in the little things that we can now stop and take in on a deeper level is the reward of isolation and lockdown. As an empath find that joy and give it to someone each day and you will feel your strength and joy grow inside out. This is a way dear Empath that you can keep your heart from breaking, your soul from crushing and find meaning in this new world. Blessing abound.