marital issues in india

Marriages are different and so are the issues faced by couples. However, there are some common challenges that married couples have to face in India. There are couples that find it impossible to handle the issues and go separate ways. Then, there are couples who look for ways to go through these issues and lead a happy and peaceful life. 

We have consulted experts in this field and found some common solutions to these common marital issues in India.

Irritating habits of a spouse

A common problem that arises in newly-wed couples is that of dealing with irritating habits. It is common to see a newly-married woman complain about her husband’s habit of leaving the towel on the bed. Similarly, there are certain habits in the wife that a husband has to bear with. When both individuals succeed in making small adjustments in the relationship, it becomes easy for them to live with each other. If there are certain habits that seem to be extremely irritable or harmful, it is wise to communicate about it with the partner and give them enough time to get rid of it.

Trouble with in-laws

One of the most common problems for Indian married couples, especially for the girl, is the problem of adjustment with the family. Disputes between the mother-in-law and daughter-in-law are common in most Indian households. There can be various reasons for the problem such as adjustment problems, cultural differences and unjust expectations from the daughter-in-law. The best way to deal with this situation is to understand that the adjustments are made by other members of the family as well. Getting the husband involved in these matters is not a wise thing to do. He should be consulted in these matters but never asked to take sides. This can make the situation worse.


Always remember that marriage is not meant to be exciting all the time. Just like any other relationship, there can be boredom in marriage. A lot of people seek online marriage counseling in India because they believe that there is something wrong in the relationship. Most of the time, it is due to lack of understanding and efforts to make the relationship work. After a couple of years of marriage, you will have to make efforts to keep the excitement alive. Doing things that both the individuals love can make the relationship work. Another thing that makes relationships stronger is taking responsibilities together. Whether it is about taking care of a child or creating funds for a new house, when you share responsibilities, you seldom get bored in the relationship.

Unfair division of household chores

If both the husband and wife are working, not having equal division of work can be a problem. Communication is the best solution to this problem. If a partner is shying away from his or her responsibilities, make sure to talk to them directly. Try to come up with a schedule for individual tasks. It will make it easy for the couple to get things done without having to worry about unequal division of work.

Financial problems

Another major issue in Indian marriages is the financial problem. When the right steps are taken in advance, this problem can be avoided in advance. Creating proper financial plans and creating a contingency fund can help you deal with any kind of emergency. Taking the help of financial experts is also a wise decision. It will help you plan your finances and save you from a lot of trouble in the future.

Those were some of the most common marital issues in India and how you can solve them. Hope you found it useful.