My personal experience of dealing with a tough boss, which I have never encountered before

In 2018, I joined a small IT company in my hometown.

It was a sole proprietorship, and I was reporting directly to the company owner.

Unlike the corporates I have worked with before, in this company the owner used to take decisions consulting no one else.

I had to agree to whatever he is saying, irrespective of whether he is right or wrong.

If I oppose his ideas, he used to lose his cool easily.

He didn’t let me speak anymore whenever he got angry.

Though it might sound funny, this is how I used to deal with him and tackled the tough times.

1. I used to be patient and listen completely to whatever he is saying. 

2. Never interrupted whenever he is expressing his ideas.

3. Once he completed speaking, I tried to explain the reasons gently why his idea won’t work out and the supporting reasons.

4. I never rejected his ideas outrightly as it led to unpleasant situations.

5. I never tried to put him down whenever a third person was a part of the meeting.

6. I always expressed my ideas subtly as bosses with a superiority complex just cannot stand people who are aggressive.

7. One more way of presenting my ideas was to make amendments to his proposed plans and put it in a different manner so he does not feel inferior to me.

8. I always tried to learn his positive aspects that helped me in the long run. 

Have you ever gone through a similar experience? Waiting to hear about your experiences.